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When I started with the Iphone and before me.com or icloud.com I had an ID with my regualr email as my account and a password.  All purchases, etc. went through that as the account.  When me.com and particularly icloud.com came about I had another designated ID with an extension of @me.com or @icloud.com also with the same ID and its own password.  Sometimes purchases would come under one or the other account.  I just decided to go with ITunes match and paid for it, the computer said it worked, and so did the email confirmation.  However, when I tried to slide the bar on the IPhone 5 it says I am not signed up perhaps because it is one but not the other account ID names.  Oddly enough the Ipad 3 accepted it.  What do I do to make sure that the devices are properly sharing; otherwise, that was a waste of money and I need to stop it?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.3, Itunes match not working on all