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I migrated from 10.7.5 to 10.9 on a new computer, it failed to trasfer some things & others on 10.9 are not working right 


-10.9 is missing 100% of the printers & scanners, I had on 10.7.5 not one was listed in the Printers & scanners preference pane, (& it refused to trasfer                the printer software for the printer, making it hard to use the utilities)

-Missing all the RSS Feeds I had in Mail (all my messages, & folders are shown that I had with OS X 10.7.5)

-Updated the 2 of the high quility voices, now both Tom & Samatha are corrupted (nothing is happens when I try text to speech, it works for others)

-Java JRE 7 was removed, but Flash Player was not (which does not match what people are reporting online)

OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    I also have over 300 files & folders with ACL (Access Control Lists) I did not have them on 10.7.5 (Migration Assistant bug, very old one at that (many years old)) Migration Assistant added them for no reason, and I need to remove all of them, it it breaking some apps & preventing others from working


    How do I remove all ACL from the files? (OS X 10.9)

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    Voice are now working strange muti permsions or somthign did it


    I have a Apple Bug Report  15368690

    If anyone finds anything else on the ACL bug or Migration asstiant, please file a bug report with what you find and refernce my report number, so that they can look at both


    Still trying to figure out the ACL issue


    All the lines start with ACL found but

    then next line is repair   (whihc is is not)

    ACL errors.png