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    @raygunclan: It worked perfectly!  Thanks!

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    I am worried about losing my iCal information because I know that iCloud does not have my calendars on it. My iPhone does not show the most recent information. How can this be solved without defaulting to my iCloud backup?

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    This worked (separating 'Reminders' from'Calendars' seems to be the main answer) but my next problem comes under No:9 as, although iCloud is enabled in my iPod Touch and although I Sync it under iTunes, the "test" change doesn't happen. It may be my iPod as it hasn't always synced. Any ideas?

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    Thank you, Ray, it worked!

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    Hello Ray,


    It worked for me and I've sorted out No;9, too, with help from Apple.(It seems my iCloud and iPod weren't in sync properly!)

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    I'm having the same situation, I cannot 'uncheck' Calendars and Reminders and since I 'upgraded' to Mountain Lion I cannot use iCal, which is a vital business app.


    Can I get some help here?

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    It worked fine to me Ray, tks for the post!


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    raygunclan - great fix, been trying for over two days to stop to problem.

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    I have the same problem.  I am able to force/quit but the next time ical is relaunched, same error message!  What is the permanent fix?  I am running 10.9.1 on a macbook pro and the problem started after the last upgrade - HELP?!

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    I've been using Mac for the last 5 years, these last two OS 'upgrades' convinced me: my next computer is a PC


    best of luck

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    I used the following method and have had no issues since..


    Originally posted by melisolaris, reposted by raygunclan 7 Nov 2013



    1. Force quit iCal and Reminders.


    2. On your computer, unlink Calendars and Reminders from iCloud:

    > System Preferences > iCloud > Uncheck Calendars AND Reminders

    (I did this because my Reminders uses my Calenders; I set deadlines for reminders, etc. Also, because my reminders weren't syncing with my iCloud as they should.)


    3. It'll ask if you want to delete the calendar and reminder events from your computer. Say yes because you should already have the most up-to-date copy on your iCloud.


    4. Open iCal. It should no longer display the "moving calendars to server account" message.


    5. Add your iCloud account to iCal.

    > Calendar > Add Account... > iCloud > Sign in with Apple ID and PW


    6. Give it a minute to update. You should see all your iCloud calendar events with no error message.


    7. Quit iCal. Open Reminders.


    8. Add your iCloud account to Reminders.

    > Reminders > Add Account... > iCloud > Sign in with Apple ID and PW


    9. Test the two programs by adding test events and reminders to see if they show up on your iPhone and your Macbook.

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    Thanks so much for resolving my problem with my calendar.

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    To all of you Raygunclan melisolaris and peterout!  thank you for helping me.  The instructions worked like a charm.  Thank you Thank you!

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    Thank You Veeeeeeery Much!!! Worked Perfect For Me!

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    I try to folow what has worked for some others... but I can't uncheck Calendars & Reminders because it is frozen, swirling icon, saying 'setting up'.


    Any suggestions would be apprecited.