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    First thing is to Force Quit ICal to get rid of the 'setting up'.


    Go to the Apple in the top left of your screen, click to show drop down menu and open 'Force Quit'.

      Command-Option-Escape also opens 'Force Quit'.

    Force Quit Box opens, select iCal and use highlighted button in bottom right of box.

    DO NOT reopened iCal until you've followed the following:



    Originally posted by melisolaris, reposted by raygunclan 7 Nov 2013



    1. Force quit iCal and Reminders.


    2. On your computer, unlink Calendars and Reminders from iCloud:

    > System Preferences > iCloud > Uncheck Calendars AND Reminders

    (I did this because my Reminders uses my Calenders; I set deadlines for reminders, etc. Also, because my reminders weren't syncing with my iCloud as they should.)


    3. It'll ask if you want to delete the calendar and reminder events from your computer. Say yes because you should already have the most up-to-date copy on your iCloud.


    4. Open iCal. It should no longer display the "moving calendars to server account" message.


    5. Add your iCloud account to iCal.

    > Calendar > Add Account... > iCloud > Sign in with Apple ID and PW


    6. Give it a minute to update. You should see all your iCloud calendar events with no error message.


    7. Quit iCal. Open Reminders.


    8. Add your iCloud account to Reminders.

    > Reminders > Add Account... > iCloud > Sign in with Apple ID and PW


    9. Test the two programs by adding test events and reminders to see if they show up on your iPhone and your Macbook.

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    I do the force quit but as soon as I try #2...I can not is grey instead of black and a swirling icon that just says setting up so I can't go to the remainder of the steps.


    Other suggestions???

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    Here's how I fixed it on my Mac. From the Finder window, open the Applications folder. Then double click System Preferences (I couldn't open iCloud preferences when I opened System Preferences from the Apple menu). Then double click iCloud. Then uncheck Calendars and Reminders. It will ask if you want to delete the Calendar files on your Mac. Say "Yes". Close System Preferences. The error message "Moving Calendars to Server Account should be gone. I still cannot open iCloud Preferences when I open System Preferences from the Apple menu, but at least my Calendar application is working again. Good Luck!

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    worked for me as well, THANK YOU!!!

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    I have the same problem TLarmstrong.  Sorry no one here is addressing your issue.  Did you ever find a solution?  thanks

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    I finally fixed it.  I signed out of iCloud in preference pane.  They said everything would be deleted, including photostream.  I said ok, and that took several minutes to 'sign out'.  I finally signed back in, and that also took nearly 30 min to work through the non-responding System Prefs and iCal app.  AddressBook Sync is still using 96% of one CPUcore, and iCal is using over 70% of the other core.  Hope it works this all out by morning.

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    It worked!! TY

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    I'm with Amy Joy. I've installed Mavericks and this is the first time I am attempting to sync anything with iCloud.


    Following raygunclan's 7 Nov 2013 advice I get to item 3. and am in a quandry. If this is the first sync I have ever performed between my Mac and iCloud and the Calender app hung up during the first synchronisation how can I possibly assume or assess what data has already been transferred to iCoud and what has not.


    The statement "If you stop using iCloud for Calenders, calenders stored in iCloud will be deleted from this Mac." sounds pretty emphatic. Could allowing this deletion impact calenders that were only in the process of being transferred?


    Does anyone out there have knowledge of another solution to this problem that does not require deletion of prior calender information on the desktop device?

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    I am in the exact same position as d101au... I hope someone can advise us!

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