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3 Macs on a wired network to a D-Link Router to a Cisco Modem to Comcast

All are connecting to the internet via the modem

All "see' each other and the master computer which is a MacMini with 10.6.8


The other two use Tiger 10.4.11 and can connect to each other and access each other

but can NOT connect to the one running 10.6.8


They EACH 'see'' the one running SL, but cannot connect - displaying this window which reads:

To see the available shares for server MacMini3 click 'connect"

On clicking "connect" each has the same response: "looking up MacMini3.local"

Afterthe spinning ball for a while a Window comes up reading: 

Connection Failed: the server may not exist or it is not operational at this time. Check the server name or IP address and try again")



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo 2GB
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    Additional info: SL Network screen shows the two other computers actively connected in the network list

    AND on the left side list of








    when closing down either of the those two they both ask with the window that warns a computer is connected.

    so each IS seeing each other.


    What I need to accomplish is to be able to access the central computer withSL from the other physical locations in different parts of the building, NOT just from the central computer (in order to access info on it, to upload to it or download from it.)

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    I believe both those things mean the SL is connecting to the other two, not that the other two are seeing the SL Mac, only allowing the SL Mac to see them.


    Find IP on computer, of the SL Mac...




    On the other two In finder, select Go menu>Connect to Servers..., type in afp://ip.of.another.computer, like...




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    SOLVED THE SITUATION.. on the page from which this is being typed, to upper right is a green checkmark for "unable to connect to server"   After reading that I checked the MacMini3 Net Barrier software and found that in it was a selection to control whether other macs on the network could access it. Upon changing that to "Client, local server"... the desktop computer has access...and the laptop does also, but in a different manner..



    Thanks BDA.. your post wasn't on my computer when I started this post....and in the process of making it, I paused to turn on the laptop and check to see if it also connected. It did not at first... but after disconnecting the other desktop it did connect, but there was an additional step I had to take for that to occur.

    I didn't see your post until after that.  I'll print this out for future.

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    Good work, thanks for the report!