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New iPad Air, shows "Not Charging" when connected via USB, even though iTunes shows it is connected. It does charge when same cable is connected to the outlet/powerpoint adapter.

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    Any particular USB port may not provide enough power (or may not provide power at all) to charge an iPad.  Try all the available USB ports to see if any of them do, but if they don't you'll just have to charge it using the adapter.  None of the USB ports on my desktop PC can charge my iPads, and only one of them on my laptop is designed to provide that much power.  I charge my iPod Touch 5th gen with my PC, but I just use the adapter to charge my iPads...

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    I am having the same issue.  This did not happen on previous ipad versions.

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    I believe it has more to do with iOS 7 rather than the actual iPad. Users who updated to iOS 7 on their older generation iPads have been running into the same issue when trying to charge from a PC that previously charged their device just fine before the iOS 7 update.


    Bottom line, don't use the PC to charge the device. Instead, use the included power adapter and Lightning cable. And if you have issues using that to charge, head on back to the Apple Store to have everything checked out and replaced if faulty.

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    The only computer that will charge my iPad is my MacBook Pro. The desktop PC at work doesn't. If your adapter that came with your iPad is charging ok then there is no issue, there is simply not enough 'juice' on the USB port you are using on your PC to charge from it.


    There is more info here:






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    The not charging issue when connecting iPads to a USB port on a computer has been asked here numerous times ever since the original iPad or iPad 2 was released. It simply has to do with the the lower power supplied by most USB ports.


    iPhone and possible iPad minis will charge but they use a 5w charger. Regular sized iPads use a 10 or 12 w charger. These iPads will actually charge in the USB port but the charge cycle will be very slow and the Not Charging message will be displayed.


    The best way to charge an iPad is to use the charger that came with the unit, or it's equivalent, and plug that into a known good wall outlet.

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    I'm having the same problem with my new iPad Air - I could understand the logic of the port not supplying enough power but I've always charged my iPads from my 2011 27" iMac with no problems (both an original iPad and an iPad 2 charged without any issues.) I'd have thought that meant it was supplying enough power?

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    There does seem to be something that came with iOS7, maybe related to the activation of the software that looks for signed chips in approved cables, but no one really knows for sure.


    I've always charged my 2 the old fashioned way and haven't noticed a difference (beyond general shorter battery life)

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    I have just purchased my first iPad today, the Air/32. Having always charged my iPhone4 on my iMac 10,1, I expected the Air to charge as well. Nope. Plugging my Air into the back of my iMac using USB to Lightning Air port does nothing except SYNC the Air. Charging the battery in the Air did not take place until I plugged the USB connector into the provided socket wall plug and into a wall outlet.


    Charging the Air is going VERY SLOWLY. An HOUR charging has only resulted in a 11% gain in battery strength from 36% to 47%.


    I have tried a complete power off and reset on, and the charging is still slow.


    Also I have added alot of content this afternoon, and just now only a few of the original and one or two other apps are showing. Maybe I will try and resync from my iMac backup of the Air made earlier this evening.


    A hard POwer off is holding Home+Power Button, correct? Just like iPhone4?

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    Just purchased an iPad Air and connected to my White Macbook.  My computer indicated that the iPad was "not charging" but I did in fact notice that the battery percentage had increased about 10% when I checked a couple of hours later.  However, this was all when I also had my iPhone 5s connected (which indicated to be charging).  Once I disconnected my iPhone, my computer then indicated that the iPad was charging.


    I'll see how things go from there, but I'm glad I found this thread so I know there's nothing in particular "wrong" with my equipment.

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    Forget charging the iPad Air  or any iPad on your computer. Sync, yes. But forget charging. Plug into an electrical outlet to charge. Forget the computer charging.

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    Yesterday I finally did what I swore I'd never do, bought a iPad Mini.


    Got it home and did what I always do with anything with a Li-ion battery, plugged it straight into the computer to charge it. All went well and it did charge happily from 48% to full charge in around 2 hours.


    After a night and half a day of flogging the poor old thing a bit decided to top it back up before tonight (its at 40%) and upon connecting it to the EXACT same USB port on the exact same computer........ "bugger off I'm not playing the game".


    So I swap it over to the other only easily accessible USB port (which is a 3 @ 1A or ~12W) it again tells me it ain't going to play the game.


    So I find this article before I throw a complete wobbly and take it back and once again say Apple isn't all that great. Well I did plug it into the useless little 10W brick that came with it and low and behold the rotten little thing starts to charge.


    In a nutshell there is NO logical reason why if it charged quite happily on a USB2 port yesterday it would not charge on the same port today, let alone the higher rated (than the brick) USB3 port.


    At this point its playing the game but can't say I'm a happy camper............. at all. Considering it wouldn't charge off a 1A 12W USB3 connector on my main computer something suss is going on.

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    Forget charging the iPad Air or any iPad on your computer.


    Sync, yes. But forget charging.


    Plug into an electrical outlet to charge. Forget the computer charging.


    Love my Air. It's Yahoo I despise as a company and a service.

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    Still it does not explain why it wouldn't charge off a 1A 12W USB3 connector on my computer, its a full 2W MORE than the 10W brick supplied with the iPad Mini.

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