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I thought this would be simple .enough, however....Asking this question once before I was told to get the Camera Adapter kit.


But this photo of the Camera Adapter kit doesn't show plugging in a USB, but rather putting in an SD card.


I wish this wasn't so confusing, changing from 30-pin connectors to Lightening connector hasn't helped but still



And rather than calling it a Camera Adapter (that might take SD cars), I want a USB INTO LIGHTENING adapter.

or something like that.


And, to be clear, NOT USB out...but being able to plug USB INTO IPAD....


Submitted with all due apologies for I'm apparently on the edge of 'losing it,' concerning this

and fear I soon will fall off the cliff of computer understanding if there is one more change

from 30-pin to Lightening or 32-bit to 64-bit or a new OS meaning bye-bye some software.


My God, a man can only take so much!




P. S. Right now I'm considering the Focusrite iTrack Solo or the

Roland Duo-Capture EX - both these audio interfaces say they will work with iPad and Mac desktop...and allow the plugging in of XLR microphones...MIDI (in one case) and/or guitar plug...if anyone has any opinions about these audio interfaces, that would also be most welcome. Thanks.

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  • 60wpm Level 1 Level 1 (125 points)

    I decided to go for it, purchasing the Camera Adapter kit

    for the iPad 5 (Lightening connector)


    It work! -- I can plug in the audio interface I wanted. Microphone into audio interface. Audio interface with USB plugged into the Camera Adapter kit


    Confusion was added by this picture (above) showing an card reader pluged into the Lightening Camera Adapter USB end......


    For a mistaken while I thought the card connector was actually part of the Camera Adapter kit.