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I am using OS 10.8.5 version of Mountain Lion. iMAC Early 2008 Intel Core 2Duo 4G ram 24 inch


After importing a photo to iPhoto it appears in Last Import, but NOT in the Event I have copied it to (via all 3 methods suggested in iPhoto HELP).


I've spent a couple hours searching and reading suggestions for online issues that sounded smilar to my predicament, so I'm not just "going along for the ride" to have someone solve my issue without any effort on my part.


A Tech tried using copy to an album from Last Import then show in EVENT again and it jumps to the event but no photo. 


Also we just started over and I get a message when  I tried to drag directly to the event from my desktop - we got the pop up warning message window (of course) this is a DUPLICATE photo did I want to continue -

we chose yes and no photo in the Event.


Any more ideas? 


Thanks  - a bit frustrated.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), duplex printers imac, macbook pro
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    What is your iPhoto version? Are you usng the latest iPhoto 9.4.3?



    When you import into iPhoto, the new imported photos will usually appear in a new event.  Even dragging a photo directly onto another event will not import into that event but rather create a new event. To add the photos to an existing event, merge the new event and the old event by dragging the new imported event onto the old event in events view.


    You should be able to find the new event by selecting the imported photo in the "last Import" album and to use "Show Event" from the pop-up menu.

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    In case anyone is still having this problem, I figured out the issue I was having. For some reason, iPhoto decided to import the photos with the date 01/01/2009. I was looking for them as my most recent event, but once I figured this out and scrolled back to 2009, there they were. Hope that helps!