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  • baltwo Level 9 Level 9 (61,985 points)

    hughrodgers wrote:

    Yeah, so I discovered that my machine - though purchased from Apple in Nov. 2012, was in fact manufactured in mid 2011, which means the ports are only USB 2.0... which is infuriating. USB on it are absurdly slow

    Then, use the FireWire one which is designed for data transfers.

  • babowa Level 7 Level 7 (27,620 points)

    I agree with baltwo - go with Firewire, much faster than USB 2.


    Just out of curiosity: did you buy a refurb from Apple or did you buy what you thought was a current model from a reseller? Was the model you got what you thought you were getting?

  • hughrodgers Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah, I use a bunch of firewire drives but they're much more expensive.. and I expected the machine had USB 3 ports when I bought a couple of USB drives.


    I bought a new machine from Apple this time last year.. not a refurb, but it was obviously in the warehouse since mid 2011.

  • babowa Level 7 Level 7 (27,620 points)

    As long as you got what you thought you were getting (spec wise), it's ok - there were only two 'new' models: the late 2011 and the late 2012, so you seem to have gotten the 'current' model, albeit shortly before the new one was introduced.

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 Level 7 (25,720 points)

    No he said he purchased it in November of 2012 The actual 2012's were released at the end of October so he didn't get a current model. He got one that was in the supply pipeline.


    Now if hew was told up front that that is what he was getting fine. But if he thought he was getting an actual 2012 model and the store led him to believe this then it is definitely not right and he might have a valid case.


    As I wrote a user in a similar situation thought was getting a just released Haswell MBP but it tuned out not to be. As with the OP here he got one that ws in the pipeline. Went back to the store and was given the correct system.


    And from a purely technical point while FireWire will be an improvemnt over USB 2, USB 3 is faster then FireWire.



  • babowa Level 7 Level 7 (27,620 points)

    No he said he purchased it in November of 2012 The actual 2012's were released at the end of October so he didn't get a current model. He got one that was in the supply pipeline.


    Ahh, wasn't sure exactly when they were introduced.....

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    Hi I have the same question, kindly see my post. I think one of my Port is configured to be only a USB 2. From what I read in this post, can you clear it out that plugging in the MBA 2013 a USB2 PORT on USB3 PORT doesn't affect it permanently? And plugging it in a HUB or PORT only affects it temporarily?


    Any replies is appreciated, thanks!


    Reconfigure USB 2 to USB 3 because USB 2 is plugged in first.

  • franzzzzz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Nevermind, I read and tested some and found an answer. For those who has the same question, this may be a clear answer.


    you can actually test if the device plugged-in is running as USB 3 or USB 2. Just plug the device and go to System Information from Spotlight or about mac->more info->system report->USB. If the device is running as USB 3 it should be under USB3 SuperSpeed Bus (which is a name for USB3) and if the device is running as USB 2 it will fall under USB 3 Hi-SpeedBus (name for USB2). Thats it. You may need to refresh the System Information if you opened it first before plugging the device.


    Hope this helps! Correct me if I missed anything!

  • woodmeister50 Level 5 Level 5 (4,265 points)

    FWIW, I purchased a new 27" 3.2GHz this past week.

    Directly connected into it I have a USB2 Super Multi Blue

    Writer from LG (actually using 2 ports, an additional one

    to get the power when burning BluRays) and a connection

    to my UPS which is USB1.1 (based on the 1.5 megabit connection



    When I plug in my Seagate USB3 portable HDD, running Blackmagic

    Disk test on it, I get a transfer rate of ~100 Megabytes/sec which

    translates to ~800 megabits/sec.  This is obviously not USB2 speed

    or USB1.1.


    So, it seems the slowest device does not dictate the speed of all the

    other devices, at least with the ports on the back of the new iMacs.


    On external hubs, it may work differently.

  • WZZZ Level 6 Level 6 (12,750 points)

    babowa wrote:


    What about if the port is simply (older) USB 2? Only the newer Macs have USB 3 ports (my mid 2010 has USB 2).


    I'm wondering if that was the question originally posed, then there is nothing that can be done as they are part of the logic board and anything USB 3 plugged in will be backwards compatible, but only run at USB 2 speed - is that correct?

    My first thought.

  • grannyspliff Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I purchased a refurb this week, a late 2013 quad core model , so i to refer to the notes I found regarding the usb ports stating that the port will configure itself to the first type of USB connection attached.The specifically stipulate that ifs a USB 2 device is connected to any given (potentially permanent) USB 3 port then the software will permanently configure this port to function only as a USB 2 port !!!!!, and will remain USB 2 port from now on with a maximum output of 500ah. No matter if the usb 2 device is taken out and replace with a usb 3 device the port is still limited to usb 2 transfer speeds and 500ma output.


    Has the board at APPLE been infiltrated by  a covert comedian from the Comedy club who attends meets and suggest ridiculous ideas?


    Was this idea drawn from a hat at an APPLE XMAS party.


    The answer can only be known when we understand the reason dual core received its second encore. We know the FSB is on the CPU  and the north bridge is gone but 4-6 cores would have been expected by the public.

    Any way I took a USB 3 DATA STICK , and inserted it into each USB 3 port and will record the transfer speeds for each.


    IF ANYTHING is slower I will wake it up with Apple ONLINE SUPPORT, and report the result to this page of the forum. You would be advised to do the same as although warned, this is unheard of, and unexpected. I am dyslexic and could have easily missed these notes, and devalued my iMac and reduced its power.




    Thats how I understand it, any suggestions, or help ?


    Does anyone know a simple fix, constructive criticism welcome.



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