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i am wondering about getting sponsers for my ibooks


has anyone had any experience with adding sponsers with links to their sites


I want to charge about $5 for my ibook but get a few sponsers to help with the cost of production.

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    I advertise sales of  sports memorabelia items from my website sites. I use web links, banners and graphics and  have not had any probems in 12 books so far.


    How you finance your production is not a concern for Apple, remember not all people use iBA to make books, some  pay others to do them and deliver to the iBookstore.


    Better to  keep  any "adverts" to the end pages of the book rather than infiltrate them into the main  body..is my opinion. Or you could use a Sponsors page to acknowledge them.

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    How did it go?
    I guess vinnyvg is correct, but I have the same concern.




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    "iBooks also has a very simple linking architecture that enables you to link directly to books within the Store.

    This could be used for marketing from your own website or online advertisements, or it could be used within

    an EPUB to direct a customer to other related titles at the end of a book." - iBooks Asset Guide 5.1 Rev 1


    I remember reading in one of apple's guides, can't seem to find it now, that you can't link to companies that compete directly with Apple (ie. Amazon.com)



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    I have never tried linking to "other online publishers" - but I do recall some threads where some that  did either had a ticket to remove certain  web links - or  they were not there when the book was in the store.

    Apple does protect its products and iTunes stores is  a product which the allow  use of by those wishing to upload content for sale or free distribution.

    Apple are said to block certain names/words such a Jayle Brake  or  Ham -a Zon.   There is some truth to some and myth to others...   as your amazon.com proves!

    The  fact is that iBA allows the creation of web links, -  so  why not not bung whatever you want in the pages and await an outcome! 


    A ticket to resolve the issue will not take long to amend and re-deliver.