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My Mac is a Macbook Pro 17", I got it from my friend (no original disc).


So after upgrading it to Mavericks (I was unable to install Windows using Boot camp of 10.6.8), Boot Camp successfully let me install Windows 8.1 Pro (x64).


However, after installing, whenever I install the Software Support in Windows, Windows always show Blue screen after showing the logo. I was able to restore Windows back. Therefore, I am now using Windows with only basic components, no Boot Camp driver.


The problem is that, I shrink the Boot Camp partition, and create another NTFS partition. Now, I cannot boot into Mac OS anymore. Holding Command + Option + R does nothing, holding Option while startup shows a hard drive named Windows (instead of Mac HD).


Can I make the Mac bootable again? And if possible, is there any available driver for Windows 8.1?

MacBook Pro, Windows 8