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Hi all,


I've got a TimeCapsuleand was able to setup the whole system.
The disk is visable in the airport configuration tool.

I've configured the acess via Account.

In my both Macs I can see the disk in the finder an Time Machine menu, but I can't connect to it.

Time Capsule, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    That is likely because you setup access to be via account, and have not put in the account info.


    In finder, top menu, Go, Connect to server, type in the address..


    AFP://TCname or TCIPaddress where you replace that generic name with the actual name or IP obviously.


    When you do this you will get a request for  password to the this account.. this will only work if the account name setup up on the TC is the current account you are logged into on the computer.


    If you are trying to use a different name you need to login using that user name.




    Where obviously you replace username with the account name on the TC you are trying to connect to. 


    Apple of course had to do some breaking in Mavericks.. they usually break something.. SMB is what they broke this time around.. But SMB is now used for Mac file sharing not AFP.. at least that is the article I read.


    http://www.tuaw.com/2013/10/27/did-mavericks-kill-your-network-drive-access-here s-a-fix/


    The suggestion is to use CIFS://networkshare_name. Which uses older and unbroken SMB1 instead of apple's broken SMB2.


    Note this article.




    SMB is now default for Apple.. and not AFP. (The world becomes an ever stranger place!!)

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    Hi LaPastenague,


    thanks for your fast reply. I've found the problem.

    I had used a @ sign in the TCs name and that caused the problem.

    I've changed the name from @Home to Home and everything woks fine.


    Thanks again for your help

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    Apple do use a wider naming system than PC but it causes issues all the time.


    Stick to SMB standards for all network naming.


    Short.. 2-20 characters. More than enough for naming with enough info to determine location of the device etc.


    No spaces.. Apple change the spaces to hypens in the name but it is not legal to use spaces.. so don't.


    Pure alphanumeric.. That is not strictly true.. but using non-alphanumeric just leads to trouble as you found out.