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I had my all new Macbook Pro for 5 days (after waiting of 1 full yr for it to come out) and I just took it back.


Picking it up or resting my wrists while typing and or browsing would case the case to pop and creak.


My question is I am assuming this is all of them?  No point in getting an other I figure.

MACBOOK PRO (RETINA, 15-INCH, LATE 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Did you check out another?



    Apple went a littile too thin on the case eh?


    Guess plastic is the next cheapest thing.


    I guessing black to match the new MacPro coming.

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    I didn't check on an other...I felt my blood pressure going up an up with each second that passed.

    When the guy openedb the box and asked what was wrong I almost snapped...which I didn't want to b/c I am a nice guy so with all of the patience I could muster I said I don't want to talk about it....lol.  My face was red I think b/c he got the message.  After the last models issues and this and the one I have from 2009 sitting on my shelf b/c the screen went out afte 1.5 yrs I am winded.


    I think what you said is correct.  I think its a combo between how thin the case is and how they are gluing the battery to the calmshell.


    Eithe plastic or fiberglass.

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    Well the manger Jess from the store called me after responding to a survey I completed.


    She convinced me it was not normal and to come in.


    1st thing I did was look at the floor models, of the 3 only one was creaking.  I brought it to her attention and she was surprised.  I think it was good that there was one there to back me up though.


    Long story short I got an other and opened it in the store in front of them and it was okay.  I have it at home and it seems fine but I'm slightly skeptical..haven't put the case one yet.


    Anyways there does seem to be an issue here but it doesn't seem to be universal.


    Thanks Jess for the support!

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    More good news!


    I have a Samsung display as well!

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    How do you know it's a Samsung display? I see you wote your last enrty a month ago. Has creaking appeared on a replacement macbook? Thanks!