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My macbook pro freezes and then displays a blue screen with black stripes... do you know what's wrong with it?


I have a two and half year mac book pro... I've had some issues with the screen looking scrambled when I quit certain applications, but now it's turned into something worse.  I'll be working on my computer and the thing will freeze.  When I force restart, the first screen, the apple logo, will be a blue tint and won't boot up normally.  Then I try safe mood and it will then boot just fine.  But there are blue stripes on my screen.  The screen alternates from a blue tint to normal and if the computer freezes again the screen will become completely blue with black stripes.  I haven't tried reinstalling my software because I don't have the startup discs that came with my computer.  If I was sure that would fix it I would purchase them, but if it's a hardware issue I'm afraid that I'm screwed.  I've been able to successfully get the blue off my screen by putting it to sleep and then waking it up, but that's not working well anymore either. 


Does anyone else have experience with this?  Is it the firmware or what?  I have a MacBook Pro from early 2011 and I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8.


Please help... Thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)