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My macbook pro freezes and then displays a blue screen with black stripes... do you know what's wrong with it?


I have a two and half year mac book pro... I've had some issues with the screen looking scrambled when I quit certain applications, but now it's turned into something worse.  I'll be working on my computer and the thing will freeze.  When I force restart, the first screen, the apple logo, will be a blue tint and won't boot up normally.  Then I try safe mood and it will then boot just fine.  But there are blue stripes on my screen.  The screen alternates from a blue tint to normal and if the computer freezes again the screen will become completely blue with black stripes.  I haven't tried reinstalling my software because I don't have the startup discs that came with my computer.  If I was sure that would fix it I would purchase them, but if it's a hardware issue I'm afraid that I'm screwed.  I've been able to successfully get the blue off my screen by putting it to sleep and then waking it up, but that's not working well anymore either. 


Does anyone else have experience with this?  Is it the firmware or what?  I have a MacBook Pro from early 2011 and I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8.


Please help... Thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities


    What you describle looks like a GPU problem. It's one of the worst problems on a MacBook Pro, as it requires to replace the whole logic board.


    There's nothing you can do. Make a backup of your files with Time Machine and take the MacBook Pro to an Apple Store or reseller to get your logic board replaced. It's the most expensive repair, about half of the cost of the MacBook

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    Oh no... $1000?

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    This may be the GPU or the display are faulty.  The MBP will have to taken to an Apple store genius bar for a definitive diagnosis.  The inspection will be free.  Any required repairs will not be free.



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    Maybe a bit less, but it could be

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    That's just about the most horrible news... lol.  Thanks for answering my question though.

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    You are welcome

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    go to this thread:




    there is in very extensive ways described what the problem is ( most likely ) and that a mere "replacement" of the logicboard might not fix anything in the long run.

    Its an exhaustive thread with many  messages just lamenting the failure, but there are some good elements of explaination for people who use Mac's but don't understand anything about computers in general.

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    I had the exact same problem a couple of days ago - and when I tried to boot into my Recovery partition, had the same black/blue stripes. What I finally did was boot into Internet recovery (holding down the command, option and R keys whilst booting) and I was able to get to my Recovery directory, repair my SSD and - poof! - everything was fine!



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    I just experienced this exact same issue with my early 2011 15" macbook pro. Since like a month after purchasing it I had issues with the screen randomly going dark on me. I sent it in for repair inder waranty they replaced the gpu and logic board but I continued to have the same issues with the screen randomly going black sometimes I would need to reboot it in order to get the screen to go back on but it happened so infrequently and I used the computer for school so disnt find the time to resend it in to apple. Just last night the screen started to display the blue screen with black verticle lines on it. I called apple and explained to them  the issues that had been ongoing since I purchased the laptop but they said because I was now outside of warantee that any repairs at thia point wouldn't be covered. Fml so glad I spent 2200 on this future proof macbook pro what a joke my sister purchased a toshiba laptop for 300 4 years ago and it still running like a champ. I loved my macbook but at the price I paid I expect it to last longer than 2 years before leaving me high and dry. *** apple??

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    I tried your suggestion clinton but after loading was finished it just goes to a blank white screen and doesn't progress anywhere from there. I'm thinking I'm going to be going back to MS hardware and just run mac OS for the same experience with less expensive hardwear malfunctions.

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    exact same situation. Macbook Pro 2011 model with a Radeon 6750M GPU. I realised I can boot into my windows partition via bootcamp which is weird. Backing up my user folder as we speak, thinking of formatting my HDD and starting over.


    Dows anyone know if one can insert a HDD from a different macbook into your own? My friends' macbook gave up couple of months ago, logicboard failure, and I could try and put his HDD into my macbook pro right?

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    HelgeCPT wrote:


    Dows anyone know if one can insert a HDD from a different macbook into your own? My friends' macbook gave up couple of months ago, logicboard failure, and I could try and put his HDD into my macbook pro right?

    It will work if it is the same exact model.  Otherwise it will not!



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    you can try heating up the gpu, has worked for us more than not, right now about 8 out of 10 work again, it may be temporary or may last but it is a fix, sort of.