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I have four browsers (Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari). I usually use Safari simply because I'm more familiar with it. However, it does have a higher rate of failure in connecting to various sites than my other browsers. I thought of using the "Reset Safari" command, but I'm sure that has some negstive sides. What are the pros and cons or resetting Safari? In fact, what happens when you do that?

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    Hey Niku,


    When you go to Safari > Reset Safari, you have the ability to deselect any items you don’t want to reset. You can find a full list of what those options are in the following document, which should mostly still apply to Mavericks (with a few exceptions) even though it says Mountain Lion:


    Safari 6 (OS X Mountain Lion): Reset Safari





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    Thanks for that. I now know where to start, but I'm still cautious about using that command. Since my problem is with websites that I can't open with Safari, I'm going to investigate some of those other links before deciding what to do. I have good reason for this timidity, since I just recovered the use of my computer after four days of extremely frustrating and time-consuming efforts to reconnect with the Internet. That ordeal started when I clicked on a button on my router at the instructions (or so I believed) of a Sony technician. That turned out to be the wrong button, although it was the only one. As a result, besides the four wasted days, I had to pay Linksys $29.99 to reset the router password (my service warranty had expired). Why did this take four days and at least ten technicians to discover and fix this error? Don't ask. I don't want to relieve that experience. I'm stoill recovering.


    One other thing occurs to me: for YEARS I had trouble connecting with many sites. It never occurred to me that the problem might be with Safari, so I was forever cussing-out those sites for not doing what websites are supposed to do, or so I thought. Anyway, finally someone, I don't remember who, suggested that I repair Safari by trashing and reinstalling its "Preferrences". I did and was immediately able to access all of those websites that had been locked to me. This time that thought finally reoccurred to me, but I didn't do it because I thought that it might be possible to make a mistake in the process and do some real damage. I was going to wait a little longer before getting someone to walk-me-through the process. Anuyway, thanks again for your help. I say "help" because I'm not yet confident about using the RESET button. I did make some changes with the Safari control panel, and maybe that did the trick. We'll see.