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  • qscorpiot Level 1 Level 1

    "Air user" did you return yours yet? If so how is the replacement?

  • Hail Storm Level 1 Level 1

    Also having the same issue on the left side of the screen of my ipad air.  Brought it in to the Apple store and the clerk (along with several others) agreed.  We looked at the display models and all had the same yellowing (or darkening) on the left side, similar to what you would see when reading something in ibooks (where it is intentional to imitate a shadow in the spine of a book).  They replaced the original one I purchased with a different unit but the issue is still there.  If anyone has any success in getting a corrected unit please post to let us know.  Otherwise it seems to be a defect with the screen production/design that will need to be corrected.  It almost seems as if the attention to the small details within Apple as a company is slipping.  A design/production issue like this should never have been allowed to get through.  The attention to detail was one of the big reasons why Apple became the company they are today.  The more this attention to detail slips away, the more people will turn to other companies on the rise.

  • Glenn Moller Level 1 Level 1

    Mine had the same issue. 2nd replacement iPad air also has the same issue.


    They basically all have this issue as far as i can tell. Every single one in the store had the discolored left side panel. Some far worse than others. This compared to every other iPad model in the store who's panels display color fine (including my old ipad).


    These first run of iPad air's are pretty much a bust for those that need it side-cast free or use the iPad air for serious photo work.


    If possible wait a month or 2 before buying an iPad air or absolutely open it in store before leaving. After 2 weeks the iPad air you walk out with is yours and you have to live with all the display issues.

  • qscorpiot Level 1 Level 1

    Glenn and hail or any others that have returned theirs. Can you put safari in private mode for me and tell me if the top part of browser is black or grayish. Mine is grey while my other iPads are black. Whites are not as white, blacks are not as black.



  • Air User Level 1 Level 1

    Went back into apple store, they acknowledged the issue but didn't have any of my model in stock for replacement. Have to wait until Tuesday for it. They said it was 'light leakage on the left hand side of screen'. With so many other people reporting the same issue I'm starting to worry my replacement will have the same problem! Definitely gonna check it before I leave the store, will wait and see.

  • iHackers Level 1 Level 1

    This is my 4th replacement, all of them with the same issue. I think we should tip the popular sites, like macrumors, 9to5mac.. so Apple can fix it. This clearly is a produccion problem.

  • iHackers Level 1 Level 1

    It is gray, but I think that is the software making it more translucent.

  • Chillarescue Level 1 Level 1

    Glue is used in gobs to hold all the inner components down in the ipad air. It helps keep the device lighter as we'll read on for more info on the gluing of inner components.

  • Jamesish Level 1 Level 1

    My iPad purchased on Novemeber 1st 2013 has the same problem, it is darker on the left hand side when held in portrait. I left it on full brightness for a few hours, and that seems to have resolved the yellow-tint problem, but the left hand side is still noticeably darker and possibly also a little blurry. iPads are supposed to be a premium tablet, and they should not have this problem. Quality control should not let this sort of thing through, it is very disappointing. I find the problem most noticeable when using Safari's "reader" function (i.e pressing the thing in the left address bar that looks like a paragram when reading a news article or similar). Anyway, this iPad is going back to Best Buy. I may repurchase one in a couple of months when the manufacturer has sorted this out.

  • finepiks Level 1 Level 1

    I'm lucky not to be suffering any of these problems! In private browsing the top bar is dark grey but my brightness setting is around 75% so not surprising. We should bear in mind that the numbers of complaints here are relatively small compared to the numbers of Airs sold, my local store in Hong Kong must have sold into the thousands on the first day alone so do the math! Not defending Apple on this as their reputation is well known for faulty products (iPhone 5s has battery issues with a recall for some customers and the accelerometer issues, not forgetting the free bumper for iPhone 4 antenna problems!), but trying not to alarm all Air owners that they've bought a dud!

  • cbtlr Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everybody - don't worry about the yellow screens - they change in a few days, it's the glue that is used for the screens and it takes a little time to cure, other tablets from other manufacturers don't sell they sit in their boxes gathering dust and in 6 months time they are moved to bargain bins, during this time the Surface/Surface2 glue has cured.

    However Apple products are hot of the press, so there is not a thing wrong don't worry it'll be fantatsic in a few days, this happend with all iPads since 2010, so relax and don't bother returning to Apple because you'll get another one just like it.

    Be patient you've been waiting for the iPad 5 for a long time it's here, it's fantasic and this problem disappears within days, so use it and love it there is nothing wrong here.

  • Noah61111 Level 1 Level 1

    ok all you need to do is bring it for a recyicle thay will take the ipad and give you anything for $125

  • cbtlr Level 1 Level 1

    Oh and btw I bought mine on Friday Nov1 today Monday 4th the yellow on the left side (entire half of the screen) has gone and it's just lovely, I've been using it alot this weekend - glad I remembered the glue curing thing.

  • DJKlassic Level 1 Level 1

    At first I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me. I started to see the blue tint leakage from the top left hand side then after about an hour of usage the whole left side of the screen had a yellowish tint. I took to the apple store the same day of release nov 1 and they replaced with a new ipad and after 2 full days of use finally no tint so I believe there are defective devices don't think it's your eyes take back to apple and have them fill out the report I did so this is fixed with the refresh.

  • i-nobody Level 1 Level 1


    mine too

    second replacement was worse.

    I have upper and lower corners of the right side with yellow tint.



    seems to be the usual, all ipad Air screens I've seen have the same problem,

    but many people do not realize and others accept it as normal



    I hope it fixed soon

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