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  • Vailfox Level 1 Level 1

    I have a yellow tint too.

    Can you confirm that with maximum brightness for a few hours resolve the problem definitively??


  • Hail Storm Level 1 Level 1

    I have used my ipad extensively for the last three days. Today I had it on for 2 hours straight at 100% brightness and the issue has not resolved itself. The left side is darker than the right side of the screen in portrait mode.  Still have the "book spine" shadow effect on the left side. Going to wait a few more days then try again with a new replacement.

  • Glenn Moller Level 1 Level 1

    There are several issues with the display some described here:


    1) yellow edges (that some say goes away with use)

    2) dark "book spine" edges (sometimes on all edges) that basically never goes away (dark or bluish tint).

    3) dark bands at the 3/4 marks top or bottom that streak across the screen

    4) ?????


    my book spine shadowed edges on my latest replacement are still there and it appears no amount of leaving it on is going to change that.. or the dark bands on the screen.


    Technically these are semi-minor issues to people who never use light colored screens, dont actually see the problem, or who dont care about the problem. The iPad is still useable... just not perfect by any stretch compared to an iPad with crystal white 4 corner color display.


    If you take an older ipad, ipad 2, 3, mini, etc. put it to full brightness and go to photos in IOS7 (or any app with a white background) it's night and day difference.


    This issue can be hard to see if you are only looking at the iPad air itself... you need to see a "good screen" to get a sense of how bad the problem actually may be on a particular iPad air with problem screen.


    The "book spine" shadow effect (totally different than the yellow tint problem) is reminiscent of a cheap LCD display thats simply been squeezed too tight at the bezel edges. As is the dark band issues on the screen (on light solid backgrounds).


    There are definately issues with the iPad Air display on some units... everyone however has their own tollerances toward some or all of the issues or many not even notice them.. or are lucky and have zero issues and a perfect display.

  • SergZak Level 5 Level 5

    Glenn Moller wrote:


    The "book spine" shadow effect (totally different than the yellow tint problem) is reminiscent of a cheap LCD display thats simply been squeezed too tight at the bezel edges.

    I believe that some of these devices are just going too far in creating something thinner (and thinner, and thinner). Something has got to give.

  • Jamesish Level 1 Level 1

    I think that with usage the yellow tint problem will go away, but not the darker (and lower constrast) "book spine" problem. It's not that bad, but I notice it when I'm not looking for it... I'll be using the iPad, go into "reader" mode on Safari, and bam, it jumps out at me.

  • brenospeno Level 1 Level 1

    Big thanks to Glenn, that was very insightful!


    Since I have the "book spine" problem I'll be cashing mine back within the 14 days then. Instead I'll trade my older iPad model for a discount elsewhere and buy an iPad Air when this mess hopefully gets fixed. Such a shame, it's almost perfect!

  • IpodHappy Level 1 Level 1

    I went to the Apple store in town today to check out the iPad Airs.  I noticed the yellowing issue on the left side of the screen on about 70% of the in-store units.  You can check it easily in the notepad app.  A similar issue kept me from buying a high definition tablet from a major bookstore chain last year.  Are there two different screen suppliers for Apple?  Hopefully, those who are saying its the glue curing and will go away with time are right.  LCDs tints are sensitive to stress.  If the glue relaxes over time, the tint could well change.

  • i-nobody Level 1 Level 1


    spots are on the left side, excuse me



    a picture, compare left and right side of the keyboard:


  • billfrombeaverton Level 1 Level 1

    I just received my new iPad and what I've noticed -- when comparing my old iPad 3 to my new iPad Air -- that the color is "off" with the iPad Air. Whites on the iPad 3 are bright white...almost a bluish white, cool in tone. With my new iPad the whites are off white, more dirty white, more warm in tone. Though I love everything else with this new iPad, the color tones issue is a huge disappointment. No matter how I adjust the brightness level, it doesn't change the dirty look of anything on my screen that's white.

  • Roganjosh01 Level 1 Level 1
    Windows Software

    Looks identical to mine. Apple have agreed to replace it. As soon as I described the issue they said it was a fault (I even mentioned that it was slight - Mum can't even see what I'm talking about and suggested that apple should sell the returned ones to over 40s!). I bought mine online so I dealt with the online store over the phone and they were excellent.

  • StudEDU Level 1 Level 1

    My IPAD AIR doesn't seem to have the yellow tint issue. But there two yellowish stripes from the left to the right side (8cm between these stripes). Although they are only noticable on a white screen, it's also pretty annoying. Do you think it's a glue-related problem which will solve itself over the next couple of days? Last year I bought an Ipad Mini at the release day without any problems at all...

  • Roganjosh01 Level 1 Level 1
    Windows Software

    There is no glue between the glass and the screen just double sided tape underneath the bezels (see ifixit's tear down - the whole "glue curing" thing has only been relevant for the last few iPhone models where the glass is glued to the LCD display). If it was glue then the demo units in the apple store would have most likely cured by now as they would have been on almost constantly since release day last Friday.

  • Mo1337 Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here. Having a yellowish tint on the left side of the screen while in portrait mode. Bought mine directly from a reseller in Germany. Seems to be that nearly every device is affected by this issue at the moment, more or less. It doesn't bother me that much, but compared to my iPad 4 it is significant visible.

  • Flexigem Level 1 Level 1

    That same old story, year after year will continue since iPad 3



    Welcome to the new QA Era of Apple.

  • TheWeakLink Level 1 Level 1

    Im having the same issues as well (16GB Wi-Fi + LTE). The color temperature isn’t consistent across the display, the right is a cool temperature while the left is a lot warmer of a temperature. Im hoping that after a little while of use things will clear up.

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