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  • Liz9 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been having the same problem and it's been very frustrating! I've returned 4 iPad Airs already since the beginning of November (all have been the space gray wifi models, the first two were 16gb and the other two were 32gb). What are the first 5 letters of the serial for the Ipad Air that you got with a good screen & is it the gray one or the white one?

    I tried using a couple of the iPad Airs for a couple of weeks before I took them back and leaving them on full brightness with white backrounds but it made no difference. I won't buy another one until I have better chances of getting one with a good screen because I can't keep returning these. I've been trying to find one starting with serial DMPLX (production week 52) because these seem not to be having as many problems, but no luck so far. I've been without an iPad for 3 weeks and about to give up! The iPad Airs that I have had all have had much early production weeks, like DMPLQ and have had terrible bookspines and/or really bad yellow tint on the left. I mostly read books on these so it's really noticeable and distracting on the white background. I think the issue may be that the display backlights are unable to evenly light up the whole screen. If anyone else has found an an iPad air with an even screen please let me know what the serial starts with and the model/color.

    Thank you!

  • Dlanod Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had about 8 in total and have stuck with the one I have. It's a week 52 DMPLX -got it from Apple online about 3 weeks ago. I ordered one a few days before and it came and was perfect but it had a dead pixel. It was a week 50 DMQLV.


    This one I have now has a slight book spine but the screen is mostly even.  I've found that book spine equals more even screen. No book spine equals half yellow screen. 


    I gave up on the rMini - had the same issues with them - yellow screens and have purchase a Nexus 7 LTE for my portable which has a perfect screen out of the box first time.

  • j182 Level 1 (0 points)

    Maybe you should consider yourself fortunate with your Nexus 7 I have one (2013 wifi) and it has a yellow hue on the bottom 1/3rd of the display exactly like most of the Mini Retinas I've seen (though not as bad, and it's not nearly as noticeable in Android).

  • Recycledloops Level 1 (0 points)

    From 01-nov-2013 16:09 to 06-feb-2014 (173346 Views & 931 Replies).

    No response from Apple

  • AmishCake Level 6 (9,015 points)

    Apple won't respond here, so don't hold your breath. This forum is manned by volunteer users like you.

  • bentley123456 Level 1 (0 points)

    My Air with the good screen is DMPLD. It's a white 64 GB LTE Verizon. The production is Week 37 (September) from Foxconn. Good Luck. I hope you are able to get an Air with a good screen on your next try.

  • johndave_munoz Level 1 (5 points)

    I bought my iPad Air Wi-Fi version (DLXLR) here in Manila, Philippines last December 19, 2013. The screen was perfect white ever since. This is my first iPad but I have an iPhone 5 bought on December 31, 2012 which did not have any screen issues (only poor battery life).


    It's only now that I noticed that there is a yellow screen tint issue with my iPad at its left side. If I return this to the Apple Store here in Manila, will the Genius Bar replace my iPad with a brand new one? It's just that I wanna have this replaced but not with a refurbished one.


    iPad has been the best tablet up to now but its screen issue really annoys users who spent too much for the "best tablet".

  • kingmohd Level 1 (5 points)

    Well, they can respond else where like to the public like they did with the antenna gate.

  • j182 Level 1 (0 points)

    Mini Retina experiences:


    This week I ordered online and received a DLXLL (week 43 2013) which had the bottom 1/3rd yellow hue. The yellow wasn't terrible (a tad worse than my Nexus 7.2) but I returned it. The second one I bought at an Apple Store and it is a DLXM4 (week 4 2014). It's about the same as the DLXLL, maybe even a tiny bit stronger yellow hue. I'll probably return this one too.


    On a side note, the iPad Mini is very nice otherwise, and it feels more solid than the Air for some reason.

  • j182 Level 1 (0 points)

    Received a F4KLW (week 51, 2013) Mini Retina after returning the last one and it is pretty much exactly the same. The Apple Store employee who did the replacement saw the yellow gradient immediately (I didn't even point it out), which was very nice. The F4KLW has been returned. Thank you Apple for your easy return policy - it allows those of us to whom these things matter to continue to try and get one of your otherwise great iPads!

  • Dlanod Level 1 (0 points)

    How about Apple just make a decent device in the first place.  Being nice about the fact that your product screen is poor isn't really a solution.

  • Dreamix.A Level 1 (0 points)

    Totally agree!!!! I just got my replaced iPad Air 32G, and the screen looks pretty much "perfect", but, there is a DUST inside the screen!! Unbelievable, isn't the manufacturing process supposed be dust-free??? And I took almost a month on replacing my iPad, so frustrating.

  • Dlanod Level 1 (0 points)

    Been there too - had a great one and yup, dead pixel.  The one I have now is just OK - not great - book spine and slight yellowing but one of the least horrible I have seen - apart from the one with the dead pixel.


    I have voted with my feet on the rMini after multiple attempts to get one with a decent screen I have gone with a Nexus 7 2013 (£299 for 32GB 3G versus £499 for the rMini) for my portable device which has a perfect white even screen.  I will think twice before buying any iPad again - and I have had every model since they were introduced.


    And I have an iPhone 5s (£629) with a yellow strip at the top of the screen and a Moto G (£160) with a perfect screen.  I wonder if we are being taken for a ride by Apple.........

  • RZSR Level 1 (0 points)

    IPad Air out of the box display defect: an annoying light dot on the left

    Lower angle. Sadly I cannot return it since I purchased it while travelling to another country!ipad (3).jpg

  • j182 Level 1 (0 points)

    Dlanod, I definitely agree with your sentiment but my study into all of this suggests that the technology/manufacturing isn't there to reliably produce uniform edge-lit screens, and it might be that the specific design of the Airs and Mini Retinas (I've seen plenty of non-uniform Mini 1's as well) makes it even more difficult to achieve uniformity.


    You can easily find many other people reporting these same issues with previous generation iDevices. Also, I too have a Nexus 7 2013, and it has the same issue—I would never accept it on a Mini Retina  considering it costs twice as much. I recently noticed (after 4 years) my Sony TV has a weird light "bloom" around the edges. My former iPad 3 had a dark spot in one corner which I only noticed after 1.5 years. Etc.


    I know the Airs seem worse than average, but I'm fairly confident that it's not due to negligence on Apple's part.

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