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    Mine is DMPM

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    I think DMPM is a 2014. The next character is the week - what is it?

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    The yellow tint on the ipad airs that I have had have all temporarily improved slightly after a couple of hours of continuously reading ebooks, which would make it get slightly warm after awhile. When I would pick it up again after a study break the yellow tint would always be much more obvious and distracting for at least a few hours. I ended up turning off the auto-lock and just letting the screen stay on while I took a break. The effect was subtle but just enough that I could concentrate on reading rather than the uneven screen right down the middle! The screen did not get better overall before the end of my return period though and I didn't want to keep dealing with that since I was mostly using it for reading.

    I think heat has the same effect as when you gently press on the screen over the yellow area because it whitens but then returns the instant the pressure is off. Heat dissipates more slowly than pressure and maybe thats why it would take minutes for the yellow to return.

    I'll keep looking for DMPLX and will keep an eye out for any with DMPM#. I've managed to refrain from buying the iPad despite my weekly store visits. The people at Best Buy must think I'm crazy that I care more about the serial # than the actual model! lol. I'm willing to spend an extra $100 or save it but then sacrifice storage on account of a nice screen. Sad that this is what it has come to but the product is essentially a screen! I'm glad there are Ipads with uniform screens out there, and that means it is possible for these to be made correctly with IPS technology and that this is a QC issue! For those who haven't yet, don't forget to submit feedback to Apple,

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    Take it back. Could have been squashed on the side.

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    I am 75 years old and on a fixed income. I have been following this discussion for several months. I have an iPad 2.

    I finally bought an iPad air this week. I am one of the lucky ones because my screen seems perfect. I compared it with my ipad2 and the iPad air screen is much whiter than the ipad2. I can't see any yellow on the screen. The serial number is DMPLQ8TF4YG.

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    Thanks for sharing ifoflyer. A nice upgrade over your iPad 2! I think yours is a 2013 week 47.

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    I have a DMPM aswell, screen is yellowish and on the low left corner it has some lightbleeding. Right now I'm thinking about returning it.

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    I'm really picky when it comes to screens. Almost all Airs on display in stores are unacceptable (mainly they have book spine on the left clearly visible after a minute of starring). Minis are much better though. But definitely they have perfect screens as they advertised and you die before notice any crap. Good luck!

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    Got mine today. DMQLM week 44 foxconn. No issues about the screen. Amazing device, coming from the retina mini, my eyes are thankful:)

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    I returned my horrible yellow iPad Air with a DMPM Serialnumber. Unfortunately Apple only had 1 DMPL and DMPM serials there. They opened three more and everyone the opened was horrible yellow aswell, so I ended up getting a refund. The ones in the Showcase all had this beautiful looking, bright white display and the iPads they actually sell were yellow... I'm really disappointed in Apple since I already sold my iPad 3 and need/want an iPad badly, but these displays are just horrible.


    Here you can see a picture of it:


    It's post number 1794.

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    Your photo definitely shows the one iPad Air screen is more yellow than the other, but what most of us are complaining about is that the iPad Air (and Mini Retina) screens are partially yellow on only one side. Most of us would be happy to receive a somewhat yellow screen if the whole screen was yellow! :) In fact, there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that an *entirely* yellow screen may become less yellow over time.

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    I decided to go back to the Air and I just received it - DLXM4 (week 4, 2014). The left side is noticeably yellow and there is a very small amount of bookspine effect. I might give it a few days but I expect I'll return it.


    I've been having to use the Nexus 7.2 since mid-Jan (since selling my iPad 3) and Android is turning out to be frustrating and annoying. I'm really itching for an iPad...

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    I'm aware of that and trust me, all the screens I saw were more yellow on the left side (except the ones displayed in the store!). It's just that some were also yellow on the right side (but then even more yellow on the left side) and some were white on the right and yellow on the left (most of the time it was not just a yellow line but yellow to the middle of the screen and then it was more white). It was difficult to capture that in a picture in the store with the Apple guys watching. The ones I tested were also week 4, 2014 but DMPM4. Also the screens of the store demos seemed to have much more vivid colors...


    I already talked to my father since he has an iPad 3 which he never uses (he says it's the most stupid device he ever bought ), so I guess I will stay with that one. Not sure if I'm gonna buy an Apple product again... (I only use Apple products since several years)

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    For those who are happy with your screens (particularly those with DMPLX), would you be willing to post a photo of your Air? Perhaps one photo of this webpage in portrait and the home button on bottom and another photo with the home button on top? I know it's very difficult to get a screenshot and it may demonstrate nothing, but I think it might be useful.


    I'm trying to decide if I should just keep this latest Air and deal with the yellow because I may never find a better one (having to use Android has lessened my standards!). If I knew for sure that there were better screens out there I might be willing to keep trying...

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