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    This is the best photo I could get of my Air taken in a dark room using my iPhone. It looks much better in person, though when looking at it with the split keyboard the bottom left side is very slightly dingy. This is not noticeable in everyday use unless really looking for it on a white background. I returned 3 Airs with yellow screens and I'm very happy with this one. It is bright and white with no yellow (even thought it appears to be yellow in parts of the photo). The serial number is DMPLD and it is Week 37 purchased shortly after launch. I would try again if I were you. I was unwilling to settle for a yellow screen as I had been using an iPad 4 with a perfect white screen and I would have kept that before switching to an Air with a yellow screen.

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    Thanks for the encouragement to try again bentley I've received many Airs/Mini Retinas over the past months and the majority of the units I've seen on display in Apple Stores have the same problems. That's why I'm thinking I might not get any better than this!


    I've included a photo of my latest one (DLXM4 - week 4, 2014) which does a pretty good job of showing what it looks like in person. I am going to return it. The yellow colour shift toward the right (the home button is on top) is distracting in an app like this, or in Pages, PDF Expert, etc. This Air also does have the bookspine effect, but it's not too bad and you can't really see it in the photo.



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    If that picture is an accurate representation I would definitely return it. I guess I was lucky to get a good one on the 4th try, but when I see so many Airs and rMinis in the Apple store and Best Buy that appear to be "perfect" and read reports from others that their device is perfect, I believe they are out there. When they are good they are great and I think it's worth the effort to try again even though the return/exchange process is uncomfortable, time consuming and frustrating. You deserve to get a device with a screen you are happy with and not have to settle for one with color shift. Good luck!

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    Well ... the Air was returned to an Apple Store. The employee insisted on a replacement and I received a DMPLT (week 49). It has the best iPad Air screen I've seen! It does have a bookspine which is annoying, but the colour and brightness are nearly uniform. Since I almost kept an Air which wasn't even close to as good as this, and since I think this is my 12th Air since Nov 1st, I'd be a complete idiot not to keep this one :)

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    I bought iPad Air 32GB Black two days ago. It has DMPL Serial and apart from slight bleed in dark room near lower left edge, the screen is near perfect.


    I compared my old iPad 3 with it side by side and was surprized that I was using a much worse screen, However since I didn't have any reference I never noticed those minor flaws.


    To my understanding, when your device is new, you tend to pick smallest of the flaws (excluding tinting) and exagerate them. Here in my country there is no concept of returning a product and getting a refund or replacement on Apple products, so mostly its pure luck to get a perfect device.


    Also there will always be IPS glow and very slight shift of uniformity when tilting the device. As compared to AMOLED, IPS does have full backlight 'On', even on black background. How bad it is, that's subjective, some people never notice it and some can't sleep if it's there.

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    Glad you're happy with your screen NajamQ! Especially if you have no return option. What's the next number in your serial?


    For your info, those of us who have had issues finding a decent screen are not experiencing screen tilting anomalies or typical LCD non-uniformity. The Airs and Mini Retinas have worse than average uniformity issues. My photo above isn't even of my worst Air, but perhaps that photo is typical of your experience?


    Obviously most people don't notice LCD uniformity issues. The brain is a marvelous thing in how it interprets what we see. I didn't see the yellow gradient until a week after getting my first Air, but after seeing it there was no unseeing it. I am able to happily ignore a degree of non-uniformity but these Airs/Mini Retinas really crossed the threshold.

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    I thought people here might be interested in seeing a thread about the Nexus 7 2013 having a yellowish bottom 1/3rd of the screen. I have one which has the same issue (granted it's not as bad as many Airs and Mini Retinas I've seen). The original poster on this thread ended up getting a different 10" tablet, but it had the same issue.


    So, thank you again Apple for your generous return and replacement policies! It enabled me (and others) to finally find an Air with a (mostly) decent screen
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    Just thought I'd put up a photo demonstrating the difference between my last Air (DLXM4) and the Air I've kept (DMPLT). I reused the photo I posted above for easy comparison here. It's not a perfect photo but it does show what you see in person - a yellow gradient on one iPad Air and a more uniform screen on the other (the Home button is on top in both photos).



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    What is it about these forums and "resetting your device". There's no critical thinking in what the OP has suggested is the problem. How does a reset clear a yellow tint?


    I mean, that's not to say that resets don't work on certain types of issues but it annoys me when someone just blurts it out at the very start without asking some useful questions first.

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    This is my latest attempt.  Serial DMRLXF0

    DSCF0506 IA3.jpgDSCF0511 IA3.jpg

    Above images taken with a camera, iPAD on full brightness.

    Beloww images done with iPhone, iPAD on full brighness.

    Photo Mar 04, 7 41 22 PM IA3.jpgPhoto Mar 04, 7 42 07 PM IA3.jpg

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    I compared to an iPad 3 also. It is amazing how the older version has a much better, vibrant, 'white' to it.


    I tried to get the Apple Store to exchange my 64gb iPad Air, LTE today.


    They're response was, "we can't see any yellow tint, and, even if we exchanged it, you'll probably see the yellow on a new one as well...this probably isn't the device for you."


    This is the first Apple device I've purchased in a long time. And, with this kind of service, and disregard for a customer, it's the last.

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    Yup - I will think twice again before I buy another iPad ever.  They have become very smug.

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    Sorry to hear about your bad Apple Store experiences! I've only had one bad experience (one employee suggested there must be something wrong with my eyes if I couldn't find a good screen). The employees at the two stores I visit have usually been friendly, and the ones on the phone have been extremely friendly - one woman even prayed out loud while on the phone that I'd get the iPad I wanted!

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    Wow, I got exactely the same answer as you "we can't see any yellow tint, and, even if we exchanged it, you'll probably see the yellow on a new one as well...this probably isn't the device for you.". Specially the part with "this probably isn't the device for you" surprised me. Since I live thousands of kilometers/miles away from you (based on your name I guess you live in the United States), I got the feeling this answer is nowadays part of the Apple training how to handle unsatisfied customers... This also show how clueless they are about the issue and/or not willing to fix/improve the issue.

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    Jommy -what's up..... me too... got ipad air on first day of sale (presumably with a samsung screen) had issues with it and got a new one yesterday..... and it was as yellow as yours compared to other ipads and other monitors like my computer...... the one yesterday had LG in the serial..... I got a new one today with DMQL on the serial and is less yellow but not as white as an ipad 2, or 3 or my original Air.... any thoughts? how did you get yours sorted?

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