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Hi, I have just got a new ipad air today. I am noticing that the left side of the screen has a yellow tint. Should I take it back for a replacement?

iPad, iOS 7.0.3, Ipad Air
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    Try a reset:


    - hold the home button and sleep/wake button at the same time

    - the iPad will turn off (keep holding) but as soon as you see the Apple logo appear release both buttons


    If this does not resolve the issue then yes I'd suggest to take the iPad back for a replacement.

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    Thanks, I've now tried the reset twice but still no luck. The strange thing is I did notice one or two units in the apple store which had this slight yellow tint also.

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    Only really noticeable when having a web page with a white background etc.

  • ios decipher Level 4 Level 4 (2,945 points)

    You could try a restore to factory settings with iTunes on a computer or just take it into an Apple Store to be evaluated and replaced if they cannot resolve the issue with troubleshooting.

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    Thanks will take it back to apple store tomorrow.

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    Hi you are doing the right thing by returning the ipad, I noticed this to on my ipad air the yellow tint was on the left bottom side and I could only notice it on white pages for example safari. I called apple they told to me to return it ASAP so I did. But I found on other ipad post that this Is the glue that hasn't dried yet as they are "fresh" out of the factory and this disappears after a few days. Anyway hopefully it gets sorted out and enjoy they ipad!

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    Hi there! I've got the same issue - you are not alone. However, I had something similar with my iPad 2 which I bought on launch day. Wait a few days - if it stays, take it back. This is the only logical reason for multiple iPads having screen issues. Unless, there is a major production defect.....


    After spending close to $1000, I hope this goes away!

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    The glue thing doesn't apply to iPads just iPhones. The glass on an iPad is not glued directly to the LCD like on iPhones since the iPhone 4, like galaxy phones except Apple glue is tougher. The iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, and mini glass is only adhered around the perimeter with black double sided tape. I'm sure this new iPad Air is the same way. You can watch YouTube, I've done all before, the LCD/glass separation on an iPhone requires an screen hot plate and cutting wire, the iPad only require heat and a good pry tool. My iPad Air whole screen is a tiny bit yellow actually may be perfect but compared to the two iPad 4th Gen I have it's a bit yellow. The 2 4th gen screens are totally different, one has a really yellow screen one has a really bright blue screen. I have an iPhone 5 and a 5s the 5 is tinted blue the 5s is perfect color comparable to the Air, but the Air is not as right. I think it's the LCD itself and how it was made and where the iPad was manufactured, I'm not sure but I know there's not glue between the glass and LCD panel for an iPad.

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    Yes, i got mine last night. It had slight yellow tint on the Left Hand Side (noticeable on white backgrounds). Went to store for replacement. Got another one, at store it appeared fine but when reached home, noticing the same issue. Unsure, if its by design. The display should be even (if background is of same color). Looking for some expert technical answer.

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    Yea your right the whole LCD panel display color should be one color. There's no glue between the glass and LCD. If the LCD panel has different color spots it may have not been cured correctly or quality didn't inspect it well, they'll swap that. Have you noticed the lighting in the ARS compared to your home? The Apple Store lights are setup to make you not notice stuff like that, at least my store. And all the display model units have beautiful blue tinted screen. If the devices whole screen has a yellow tint they'll tell you that how it is it is what it is and we can swap out but there's no guarantee  the next will be better and they'll give you another one with a known yellow screen they keep behind the Genius Bar to make you keep yours. Then if you argue with them they say that is not an issue that affects functionality and some screens are just yellow because of the glue and manufacturing process, not curing right or excessive glue, and it's fine. Which is true but I know I hate yellow screens.

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    Just got my ipad air 128 gig, left side of screen pink tint, right side green tint took it right back.  Good old apple same bs as every ipad launch.

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    (iPad Air 64Gb Black) Same problem here, my 3rd replacement and still the same. I think we need to send tips to popular sites like and, so they can publish and Apple can recognize the problem, and fix it, because trying to explain this in the Apple Store is hard, they arranged the light so that every iPad screen looks good. My replacements look good in the store but when I get home I notice the tint with dim lights.

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    I got a bad one too. Today I returned my defective iPad Air and got a new one. I checked before I left the shop and it was also bad. The Apple clerk and I inspected floor iPad models and they ALL were just as defective! Whether it's a 16gb or 64gb is irrelative. The non-retina iPad Mini's we're perfect in comparison interestingly enough.


    I'm going to stick this one out for a week then return it. I'll return it to a different store and see what happens. I'll keep you updated.

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    In the same boat. My whole screen is "yellow" in comparison to my ipad3 which is very bright and intense. Whites are very white and blacks are very black...not the case with the Air.

    If you have an iPad 3 put them side by side and you will see a huge difference.

    I will be returning also after a few days.

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