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I worried about the touchscreen problem on my iphone..... last night i used it to watch Youtube on it but suddenly it sent me to the homescreen and the touchscreen won't respond at all..... i use the accessibility button on my iphone..... i've been using it for about 2 weeks and this is my third time i got this problem... in the first time, the touchscreen is just stack but after i waited for a minute it works normally again... then in the second time after i started to use the accessibility button, i got the problem where that button was suddenly disapeared then the touchscreen was stop working for a few sec.... and now its stop like forever.... i did restart it by pressing the home and sleep/wake button together for a few times but it still won't work.... and uniquely, my phone won't sleep until i press the sleep button... so its just turn on all the time..... i already restart it for few hours but still doesnt work.... and i have cleaned the screen and open the casing and all those stuff but it still doesnt work .....  I have been using this iphone for about 4 months.... please somebody help me!!! i tried syncing through the itunes on my mac but still doesnt work.... i couldn't restore the iphone because it said that i have to turn off Find My Iphone through the icloud setting on my iphone... coz my touchscreen doesnt work so... what could i do? Gosh please

iPhone 5, iOS 7