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I am trying to connect an old HP Laserjet printer to my Powermac G4, using an Ethernet crossover cable. I have downloaded and installed the appropriate (I think) software from HP. However, my Mac refuses to recognize the printer. On the other hand, when I print the PCL configuration page (Jet Direct configuration page) I now get quite a large number of packets received and transmitted, so there seems to be some communication at least. What am I doing wrong? I have tried entering the IP address of the printer and all.

G4 Gigabit Ethernet, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Try it without a crossover cable, just a regular Ethernet cable. Restart everything.

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    It's similar to before. When I launch the "HP Printer Selector" it can find no printer, and when I just try to add a new printer for printing a document, having chosen "HP Jet Direct – Socket" and "General Postscript" it just says "Network host '' is busy; will retry in .. seconds."

    After having posted I found a very extensive thread on a similar subject, dealing with the fact that AppleTalk apparently is no longer functional under SnowLeopard, so that you may have to connect by IP address instead. I have only browsed through part of it, but one thing that was suggested there was that the IP address of the printer must not be too different from that of the computer. This indeed may be so in my case. Maybe I should have studied previous discussions better before posting.

    By the way, the configuration page of the printer states that AppleTalk is disabled.

    Finally, what I really aim to do is later to connect this printer to an Ethernet router (which is in another place) rather than directly. Maybe I should skip this exercise and take it from there instead. I really just wanted to make sure that the JetDirect card, which I have purchased, actually works, and I take it that it does.

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    Yes the first three numbers of the IP must be the same as your network or Mac.


    If your Router is say & your Mac is say IP of & say you might have upto 10 other things connected to the Router at most, then you'd want to set the Printer to have a Static IP of say, so it would never change or interfere with other devices.