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Dear Apple Support Community!


Occasionally my Calendars appear as a new list within my Reminders app. This never happen before. (Before I bought the iPhone 5s updated to iOS 7.0.3! With my iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.3, it never happened!)


Yesterday the Reminders app showed me my main Calendar "Private" as a new empty Reminder list. I deleted it, because I thought it made a failed syncing of my main Reminders list, also named "Private". After that, I realized that I deleted my main Calendar "Private". Luckily I made a physical backup on my Mac of the Calendar "Private".


Today the Reminders app showed me again all my different Calendars as new empty Reminder lists. Strangely enough they disappeared after a while. (Without deleting my different Calendars!)


As the iCloud System Status page is not showing any know issues, I suppose that it’s a new iOS 7.0.3 bug.


I’ll feedback this to Apple, but nevertheless I hope that other users may have found a solution for this annoying and dangerous bug.


Yours sincerely,





iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3, 32 GB (Space Gray)