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I recently moved to Referenced files for all my images. I use a plug-in (Graphic Converter 8.8.2) to resize all images to a consistent size (1440 pixels wide, landsacpe format) for a web app that I use (Sandvox). With Referenced files, when I drag and drop the externally processed image, it shows up at exactly one-half the correct size (720 pixels). As a test, doing exactly the same opeartion with an Aperture library utilizing managed files, there is no problem...it works as expected.


As a temproray work-around, I found that instead of dragging and dropping, I use the Aperture Export function, everything is correct. This is not really what I want to do because I have a lot of images to process.


This is Aperture 3.5 and Mavericks,  but the problem was there with with Aperture 3.4 and OS 10.7.5.

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5)