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Hey, I recently bought an iPad Air, and I noticed the left corner had a yellow tint. I went to get a replacement, and when I checked the replacement it had the same tint. When I went to the store again, they compared and discovered that all of the iPads Air display units have the same tint, like +5 iPads. I want to know if this is happening to other people with iPad Air?

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    Apparently it is. It seems like with every launch of a new iPad, some people receive iPads that have screens that are not quite right like they should be.



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    Here the same (Holland)  My iPad air 128 gb wifi has a yellow left side.... Didn't return it because the retailer has no 128gb in stock.... I think I wait a moment.... For me Apple was THE perfection company...  Hope they will solve this problem...

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    You guys must have short memories. This issue has appeared before and it was nailed down to the glue used to put the device togther. As the glue cures the tint goes away. This is nothing new and has been talked to death many times in the past, with various devices and screens. Do some research will you.

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    *** do you know about my memorie and intelligence! Pardon my French I am Dutch.

    Thank you so much for your constructive contribution... The iPads are not glued.... Have a good night!

    Please don't take another effort to reply...

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    The iPads DO NOT use glue. Do some research like ifixit. This is diferent, it is only the left hand side. The problem you are are talking about it is the one with warm EVEN screens.

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    Wrong. All the inner components use massive globs of glue to hold them in place, watch some tech reviews of the ipad air on cnet.com

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    Do these devices have no quality control? Why does the end-user need to discover these defects, then have to go back (and back again) to hopefully get a "good" unit. Seems to happen with every product launch.


    Also, if these glue issues are present and known to exist, just maybe someone could've possibly sent a memo out saying the issue will clear itself in a week or so. Maybe the memo could also be sent to the Apple Stores...maybe put a note in the box or something.

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    Really constructive answer. (Sarcasm dripping) try to help someone instead.

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    Many do so far.  Apple has not reported why officially yet.

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    They use glue, but not in the screen. Check the teardown in iFixit.com, the problem is not the glue.

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    Same problem but at the Genius Bar at Apple Store In Italy (Bologna) didn't recognize the problem and they didn't replace the iPad...

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    Actually all LCD screens are constructed from multiple layers which are bonded together, so yes, the screens are "glued" together for want of a better description. There are many layers making up the screen, including the backlight/diffuser, two polarising layers with the actual liquid crystal sandwiched between them, for a lot of displays the touchscreen itself is another layer on top of that (on the iphone and ipad mini its built into the front layer of th eLCD, on the ipad 3 and 4 its a seperate piece of glass laminated onto the top of the LCD - i dont think anyone has sliced through an ipad air yet to find out how the lcdis constructed).  with all of these layers - what do you think holds them together and stops them falling apart??? ifixit wont have mentioned this since you cant delaminate an LCD display without shattering the very thin glass layers off, they just treat the LCD display as a single unit.


    And yes there was a well known issue with the iphone 4 where they were shipping the so fast the bonding agent hadnt fully cured, meaning that anywhere on the display it was slightly thicker, it gets slightly yellowish


    for my own personal iphone 4, after a 6 week wait for it to finish drying, it was still yellow so they replaced it.


    it is perfectly possible that in these ipads, the bonding agent holding the multuiple layers of the touchscreen together not finished curing

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    I had light leakage/bleed on my 28 days old iPad Air, so,I sent it back for replacement and they did.

    Now this replacement device has more light bleed and a yellow tint on left hand side. I am going to return it and have my money back.

    This is obvious that there is something wrong with iPad air screens.