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    LOL, true.......I was so deseperate and opened a lot relevant posts from google. I guess I replied to the wrong one...

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    This fixes it. 


    On Maverick, if you had email reminders via iCloud Calendar reminders, and they stopped working when you upgraded from Mountain Lion to Maverick, do this:


    *First:  You need a working reminder that sends you an email along with the other pop-up alert stuff Calendar does*


    1.  Grab a working calendar event (You'll have 1, or 2 that are still working; either TODOs, or all day events, or individual events) and duplicate it.

    2.  Copy the Event Title from one of the events that isn't working from a recent email reminder and do the same thing with the Notes content.  Set the repeat options, and alarms, on the event per the previous working event's preferences.


    Do this for all the alerts that aren't working.


    I figured this out using my Snow Leopard VM that subscribes to iCloud via BusyCal.  In theory, you could figure this out using Chrome to, but you don't need to, as the process to fix these non-emailing reminder events after Mountain Lion -> Maverick now has a workaround.  You do need to have one working event that's sending the email, but, you probably could duplicate one from before the upgrade.  Haven't tried that out, since I had several that were working correctly.


    Eclectic, but until Apple fixes the core problem, you can fix it and move on to more useful stuff.



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    Doesn't really work...  But, strangely, some calendar items are starting to send emails from Maverick, again.  I think there's a beachball flyiing about, that iCloud cannot see.


    I blame Putin and Big Bird, now.



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    My experience is the same as Van's. I receive alerts for some events, but not all. Re. email alerts, I have followed the various suggestions put forward here for rectifying the problem, and I received email alerts successfully on just two occasions, but since then the email alerts have once again failed.

  • Van_ Level 1 (0 points)

    Still no forward progress. 


    The Snow Leopard VM using BusyCal, sync-ed to iCloud still sends email alerts without fail.


    I've exported all calendars from both BusyCal and Calendar on Maverick as files, nuked all calendars from iCloud, and re-imported them via Calendar on the Maverick, but all alerts sent by email in the past via BusyCal, are sent, and by Calendar fail 90% of the time. 


    Have tried duplicating a few of the ones that work 10% of the time from Calendar, and copying / pasting the subject / notes into the duplicated Calendar item, but no dice.


    It's so awesome that BusyCal via Snow Leopard still works, flawlessly...  Not so awesome?  Snow Leopard went silently EOL a couple months ago.  But, if that weren't getting my alerts to me, I'd be late on bills, and a whole slew of other things the Apple community would expect to work more reliably in the most current OS.


    Someone from Apple want to chime in?  At least, let us know this issue is of concern, and you're working to improve Calendar email alert reliability on Mavericks.  Otherwise, we can go to 3rd parties like BusyCal, like I had to do  4 years ago when iCal had this same behavior.



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    Just chiming in — would really love it if Apple would give this some love. Calendar became radically more useful to me after I realized I could send myself text message reminders on my iPhone by creating a custom email alert and sending it to [my phone #]

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    On my setup (iMac 2007, MBP 2011) it works for some email alerts and not others. Really annoying when a new OS messes up basic functions that have worked flawlessly for years. Apple should move some of that offshore cash onshore and set up a Software Function Continuity Department. These glitches are avoidable if proper care is taken. These issues erode software loyalty. I've spent enough time trying to fix this. I'm going to spend some time looking for an replacement app.

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    I remember noticing when first using this feature years ago you had to log into an apple device for the notification to be sent to the e-mail account you put in the event. I wasn't sure that with iCloud improvements this is still the case. However, we do regularly log on to our apple devices in addition to, say, our MS workplacee devices. I also recall the "have to have an iCloud email address and iCloud outbound server" behavior that was introduced by one of the recent versions of the OS/Mail application and is discussed in a previous post above. We've done that. To add more clarity or confusion to the story, we now mostly do not receive email notifications to our gmail account, and we even have recent evidence of receiving a notification for a monthly event in August but not in July. I suppose we could try the permutation of having the notifications sent to our iCloud email address, but we like having only one email address - our gmail address.

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    Called Applecare and... they fixed it! They had me make sure I had a contact card for myself, which I did (because, of course, how could the email addresses show up as options for the email reminder). Then they had me sign out of my iCloud account and restart. After restart, I signed back into iCloud. It asked me if I wanted to delete my contacts or keep copies on my computer. I backed up my contacts first, because I didn't trust the dialogue box that said it would still be okay in the iCloud backup (I also backed up my calendar, too). After backing up, I signed back in. Now, here's the weird this point I went back to my contacts and my own contact card was still there HOWEVER my info was gone. No phone numbers or email addresses. I put my email addresses back in. They had me run a test email reminder and it worked just fine. It's been several days and it's working on both new alerts I create and the old ones that were still in my calendar. Hope this helps someone!

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    Thank you for your advice. I do not use I Cloud at all, and following your instructions has now fixed my problem of not getting email alerts from Calendar.

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    "I do not use I Cloud at all"


    ... and that is the reason email alerts can work.


    ... if your calendar is in the cloud then it cannot communicate with the mail program.


    ... iCloud came out after the Mavericks version of Mac Mail so the 'email alert' feature presumed the calendar was on the Mac itself.


    An alternate solution is to use Automator or AppleScript to and the 'Open File' choices to email yourself a note to 'LOOK AT THE CALENDAR!'

  • Randy Zeitman Level 1 (25 points)

    The AppleScript solution works... here's one from




    set recipientName to "WhiteHat"

    set recipientAddress to ""

    set theSubject to "Type your subject here!"

    set theContent to "Type your message content here!"



    tell application "Mail"



            ##Create the message

            set theMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:theSubject, content:theContent, visible:true}



            ##Set a recipient

            tell theMessage

                    make new to recipient with properties {name:recipientName, address:recipientAddress}



                    ##Send the Message




            end tell

    end tell

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