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    I removed Avast as well and the issue seems it's gone. The laptop has 58% of battery after 4/5 hours of use (with high brightness and keyboard light) continuoly practically. For me, the final test will be tonight, if the laptop will use 1 or 2 % of battery overnight, I would say the problem is solved.

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    Removing Avast solved the problem in my case too. Last night laptop used only 1%

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    Two nights without Avast and the laptop lost only 1 or 2% of battery, definetly the issue was Avast, I would say that the problem has been solved by removing Avast.


    Now, I will try to report this issue to the Avast team, just in case they will want to pay attention to the Mac users.

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    I have posted in the Avast forum, regarding to the issue we faced here.

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    I would like to thank everyone in this post since I bought my computer on November 15 and it had spent from November 20th until January 30th in the MacStore trying to get this issue solved and 3 different MacStores never found it.


    I even talked to 3 different people through the phone, regardless of the long distance calls, and they weren't able to find the solution.


    Everyone was very polite but with no answers.


    After reading this post and getting my computer back January 30th I removed Avast and the battery issue finally dissapeared.


    Since that day I've been using the computer in random times and so far I still have 35%!!


    It's annoying that the experts can't figure this out or even look for information on the web like we did and find the solution and avoid so many calls, visits, comes and goes, etc.


    I sent the link of this post to the support specialist I had been speaking through the phone so hopefully they could add this information to their knowledge center or so.


    Thankyou so much again!

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    DavidGB78 wrote:


    After reading this post and getting my computer back January 30th I removed Avast and the battery issue finally dissapeared.

    You are among at least half a dozen Mac laptop users who have reported exactly that in the past couple of weeks. Avast obviously needs to fix this (and one or two other issues) if they want to stay in the Mac marketplace.

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    Hi folks,


    Have been reading this thread with interest - was wondering if any of you could comment on how much your Macbook discharges when completely off (not asleep)?


    I'm seeing a 2-3% drain over 24 hrs when the Macbook is completely off and untouched, and was wondering whether this was normal compared with what other users see? (


    I know that batteries will steadily discharge over time when not used, but I hadn't expected such a steady drain from a brand new Macbook, unless I haven't reached the battery optimum yet. I've had PC laptops before, and they hold their charge, discharging at perhaps 1-2% over a period of weeks, not days.




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      we were not aware of any issue like this as we didn't observe it neither on a MAC Book Pro with 10.8.5, nor on Mac Book Air with 10.9.1. Can somebody suffer from the issue also on such configurations or is the evidence specifique to recent Mac Books Pro?


    What would be the next one or two issues we could address? We would be interested in any ideas at Avast Forum (


    Thank you a lot for the notification and answers,

    Martin (Avast developer)

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    I've been trying to work on a fix aswell to this issue. I have had my Macbook Pro Retina for a week now and in sleep mode I was losing between 30% and 50% battery drain.


    To test, I was charging fully before I slept and then I would review in the morning, or when I reached work. One occasion I had 37% remaining after around 12 hours sleep.


    For me, I think I managed to find a fix, that I haven't read up on yet.


    I downloaded Battery Health app through the App store, so I could check what was happening under the lid and also Memory Clean (both free). Before I put my mac to sleep I cleaned the memory, on starting the app it was 9GB remaining, I cleaned the memory three times and reached 13.36GB free.


    I then put the mac to sleep and I have woken it up 12 hours later and I still have 100% battery remaining (95.5% through the "Battery Health" app).


    Hope this helps someone out there it seems to have worked for me.

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    I may have found a solution from another thread. I'm fairly new to macs, but I also have a problem, however mine seems to have it only on occasions, somedays would loose 1-3 % overnight, and others would loose 50%.   I found a thread that said to type the terminal command pmset -g assertions.  Below is my read out.  It shows that there is 1 app preventing idle sleep; BOOM.  I realize that UserIdlesleepmode is not the same as Sleep Mode, but you might find something is preventing your computer from sleeping properly.  When I quite BOOM (An Audio boosting program), The PreventUserIdleSystemSleep went to zero when i re-run the pmset - g assertions command.  Some users are reporting that spotify was the culprit, and others say itunes was a problem.  I'm testing the solution now.


    ComputerName:~ LoginName$ pmset -g assertions

    3/2/14, 8:45:01 AM PST  

    Assertion status system-wide:

       BackgroundTask                 0

       PreventDiskIdle                0

       ApplePushServiceTask           0

       UserIsActive                   1

       PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep    0

       InteractivePushServiceTask     0

       PreventSystemSleep             0

       ExternalMedia                  0

       PreventUserIdleSystemSleep     1

       NetworkClientActive            0

    Listed by owning process:

       pid 413(coreaudiod): [0x00000001000019e2] 00:00:06 NoIdleSleepAssertion named: "'AppleHDAEngineOutput:1B,0,1,1:0'.noidlesleep"

       pid 413(coreaudiod): [0x00000001000019d7] 00:02:07 NoIdleSleepAssertion named: "'BoomEngine:0'.noidlesleep"

       pid 65(hidd): [0x0000000a00001939] 00:54:59 UserIsActive named: ""

              Timeout will fire in 855 secs Action=TimeoutActionRelease

    Kernel Assertions: 0x108=BT-HID,MAGICWAKE

       id=503  level=255 0x100=MAGICWAKE mod=3/2/14, 8:07 AM description=en0 owner=en0

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    So For Me I think i found the fix to my prolem, and sleep is working as it should now.  After 10 hours of sleep, I've lost 1%.

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    Thank you for the tip

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    I have had the similar problem, battery draining to 0% whilst I'm out at work and computer is sleeping. I've had avast for a week, but this has only become an issue since yesterday. However, following Maj.Tom's tip now, I've found that my mac was being prevented from sleeping due to internet sharing being active. I've just disabled it, so let's see what happens. Will update tomorrow.

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    I also installed Avast. Once I installed it, the battery started to drain while in sleep mode. I think that could be it.

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      do you think you could execute pmset -g assertions from the command line as Maj. Tom suggested to find out, which component blocks a transition to a sleep mode. Unfortunatelly, we cannot reproduce the issue. What OS version do you have?