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Guys, I clean installed OS X mavericks few days back and use Migration assistant for my applications and files. Now I am facing a wierd problem, I noticed this 2 times till now, the battery indication "Show percentage" option is enabled and it freezes to some % randomly, once it frezzes at 98% and i was using skype at that time and i saw % i thought OS X 10.9 has improved enery efficiency but few minutes later my macbook shutdown and I had to chagre it to power it on.
Now 2nd time it suddenly freezes to 100% and when I turn on charging it shows 94%.
Is this a bug or something, or am I the only one facing this problem?

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9), 4GB RAM,2.13GHz,Bootcamp window7x64
  • brenden dv Community Specialists

    Hi appleprodcts,


    If you feel you may be having battery issues with Mavericks, you may find the following articles helpful:


    Mac notebooks: All about batteries



    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)




    - Brenden

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    Thanks for replying, But I think the issue is with the Mavericks, Not with any hardware or anything.
    Its like it is not showing correct % left of power. My macbook when fully charged working on it without direct power ,gives me around 4hr or so without charging (with wifi). So problem is not with the battery I think. Its just mavericks some times wrongly displays the % and that % not changes until I restart. After Restart It shows correct % and % starts decreasing normally as according to usage.

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    Appleprodcts, I too am having the same issue as you. My MacAir will hang at different battery %'s, the most recent was just then, when I was wacthing a video, for well over 20 mins, and my battery remained at 48%. I put the computer to sleep and instantly woke it back up and the battery on the login screen showed 31%. BUT when I logged in, it went back to 48%. Definitely Mavericks, never had this problem until installing this OS. Upon writing this, the batter has corrected and has commenced its decent, still very frustrating.

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    I second this problem. My MBP started doing that same thing this week, after I installed the SMC v1.2 update (from 12/3/13). I had already installed Mavericks the day it came out without this problem until now.

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    Hi there,


    Is this still an ongoing issue? I've experienced the same with a brand new MBP which is totally fresh, nothing installed on it at all - I posted about it here:






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    Just reporting to say I have the same issue. I have identified the issue - it occurs when I am rebooting from Windows Bootcamp. When back in OS X, my battery % is stuck on one value (as the battery drains normally), so I will sometimes see my battery at 100% for a while and then suddenly shut off.


    I have a 15" rMBP on Mountain Lion running Windows 7 Boot camp. I also have Parallels to the same Boot camp that I rarely use.

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    I have this problem also!! I have MBA and recently it stopped updating the percentage unless i dusable and then enable the percentage view !!

    i noticed this problem after i dwonloaded "microsoft remote control" and "parallels" donno if this has anything to do with it.

    AND it also wont calculate the time remaining anymore !

    hope apple fix this soon cause it's very bothering

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    I've also been having similar issues.


    The other issue I've noticed is the Date and Time on the Menu Bar disappears sometimes when you wake up from sleep or a few other scenarios as well. The work-around for this is I change it to View as Analog and back to View as Digital.

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    I am having the same issue, the lock screen seems to be displaying the right percentage but the desktop is not. I am running a 2013 macbook air 4gb ram

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    I am also still having the same issue - on a late 2011 Macbook Pro, the battery percentage (and time remaining) is frozen from when I log on

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    Best way to resolve the issue, is to first shut down the laptop/pc, plug in the charger and then press and keep pressing the control+shift+option+power on buttons together till the colour onthe LED of the charger changes.. Switch on the laptop and thereby the problem shall be resolved...