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When I go to my music on ipad or iphone I Cannot anymore see the icon to select "apple tv"

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    For me, since a couple of weeks it has been intermittent. Sometimes it works, next moment it does not.

    Often the AppleTV can be selected, but as soon as I start streaming (music or movie), it stops playing and switches back to the ipad/iphone as the speaker. The next time I try, it works again (sometimes...).


    I think I excluded the influence of wifi-stability and settings. I even bought a new wifi-router, ensured strong signal in place. Did not help...

    Streaming from windows 7 laptop seems to work fine (less frequently used), and loading content directly from the AppleTV works fine as well (trailers etc).

    Looking at the several topics here, it seems like there is a general issue in the AppleTV/ Homesharing to be fixed by Apple...

    Any other suggestions?


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    Hey sukiyaki246,


    I found the following steps to troubleshoot when the AirPlay icon doesn't appear on your iPhone or iPad:

    Try these steps first

    • Verify that your iOS device's software is up to date.
    • Verify that your iOS device has Wi-Fi turned on. Enable Wi-Fi on your iOS device by going to Settings > Wi-Fi.
    • All AirPlay-enabled devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
      • Some Wi-Fi network configurations offer a Guest Network. On your Apple TV, go to Settings > General >Network and ensure that you're connecting to the same Wi-Fi network on your iOS device. On your iOS device, tap Setting > Wi-Fi and confirm that this matches your Apple TV.

    If the AirPlay icon doesn't appear

    Ensure that you have followed the steps in using AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring.If you are still unable to see the AirPlay icon  TS4215--airplay_icon--en.png, try one of the following steps:

    • If trying to AirPlay, or AirPlay mirror, to your Apple TV, ensure that AirPlay is enabled on your Apple TV as well. You can enable or disable AirPlay on Apple TV in the AirPlay menu: Settings > AirPlay.
    • Check Internet or network connectivity on all affected devices.
      • Some content requires an Internet connection to authorize content playback. AirPlay capabilities may be limited if your network is not connected to the Internet.
    • If attempting to use AirPlay from a third-party app or a website from your Safari app on your iOS device, confirm that the app or website is AirPlay compatible (refer to the developers of the app or website for additional information).


    via: iOS: Troubleshooting AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring



    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!




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    I have done all of the above - my macbook pro, iphone5 and apple TV are all connected to the same wifi network. Airplay is enabled. Homesharing is enabled on iTunes and my apple TV. Yet....  I cannot connect to AirPlay via my Macbook or my iphone. I cannot connect to my "shared" library on Apple TV. The Macbook cannot connect to the Apple TV to use as second monitor or simply to play music via airplay. Nothing will connect even though "home sharing" is enabled and every device has the correct password entered. Nothing will play via AirPlay at all!!  Any suggestions???  :-(

  • Hedge666 Level 1 Level 1

    I also am trying to connect the Apple Remote App to my shared library and to my Apple TV. It will not connect to either!!  I am prompted to select Remote from the tab bar in iTunes - I have tried on numerous occasions and nothing has appeared anywhere.  All of these features seem to be compleately redundant! Please please please can somebody help???  :-(