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I'm encountering a huge problem with USB's I recently bought.
They are 1GB USB drives. When I start copying Jpegs (about 4mb per jpg) to the USB it freezes while copying and then ejects the drive.

Finder will also freeze for a minute, sometimes resulting in me needing to restart my macbook.

I have tried with 10 different USB sticks and the same problem occurs every time. Then I tried with a USB drive from a different manufacturer and 4GB memory. More jpgs were successfully copied to that one, but when I tried to add a 315mb .mov file it froze and ejected as well.

I tried formatting the drives which seems impossible. It gives the following error :

Disk Erase failed with the error:
Unable to write to the last block of the device.

Then the device is ejected again and when I plug it back in I get an error saying the Macbook cannot read the file.

I switched to 3 different Mac's and it does the same on all of them.

Then I inserted the USB into a windows laptop and then it did manage to reformat the drive.
Once again, I'm able to plug it back into the Mac but when I start putting files on it the same freeze and ejects occurs.

I figured I'd just copy the files to the USB on the window laptop. Only problem now is, when I add the files and transfer the USB to a macbook it's not reading the info that I put on it.

Does anyone have ANY idea of what I could possibly do to fix this or work around it?

Thank you so much in advance.


MacBook Pro, iOS 7.0.1
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    Classic Mac OS

    MacBook Pros can't run iOS 7.    Please edit your  signature to correctly indicate what operating sytem you are running into the problem with, or state what it is.    Also, note many a USB Stick has a write protect tab that can be switched and affect the ability to write to it.  Also, if you format a USB Stick NTFS, the built-in Mac OS X software doesn't support it for anything else but read-only.  Addon software exists to write to NTFS.   FAT32 and ExFAT, and FAT16 are all supported on Mac OS X 10.6.5 and later.  Lastly if you are using multiple USB devices on the same bus, which the System Profiler can reveal if you are, they may slow down or cause interference with data transfer with your USB drive.   Make sure to isolate the device to its own bus, or get a direct to wall powered USB hub to connect it to.