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I am trying to restore from previous backup on my iPhone 5 after upgrading it to 7.0.3. I have tried different options but after the restore I do not see my email settings, camera roll, messages history, call history, etc. It looks like restore did not take place.


What is the correct procedure to restore from backup. Here is what I did:


Go to settings on the phone and "Erase all". This takes the phone back to factory settings.

Then bring up the phone. Hello screen comes up. At some point it shows three options: New phone, restore from iCloud, restore from iTunes.

I select "restore from iTunes". Then I see a prompt to connect to computer.

I connect to computer. iTunes comes up and prompts me to Restore and presents the older backup version. I pick the correct version. Starts restore.

On the phone, I see "Restore in progress".

After this process is completed, I see the iPhone is back into "Hello screen". Also I see the sync icon rolling on the top screen.

Computer shows "Syncing apps". And it is syncing all of my 145 apps.


I am not sure why syncing of apps is needed here. Doesn't restore from backup, restore the apps, settings, camera roll, etc? In that case a separate sync of apps should not be needed.


After this sync of apps process is over, I see the phone is still in "Hello screen". The next screen is to connect Wifi. The next screen shows the "Set up iphone" with the three options - setup as new phone, restore from icloud backup, restore from iTunes backup.


What should I select now (I just went through a restore)? Looks like I am being sent in circles !


What is the correct procedure to restore from iTunes backup?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.3, Restore to IOS 7.0.3
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    Took it to Apple store Genius appointment. They say that the backup is corrupt and so it is not restoring.


    iTunes did not prompt me with an error when when it took a backup.

    iPhone did not prompt me that the restore did not go through.


    What makes them think that the backup is corrupt??

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    That's exactly what is happening with me.  What did you end up doing?

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    I have just been having the same trouble trying to update a friends iPhone and have (after much hair tearing) resolved it and restored the iPhone successfully with all settings, messages, contacts, apps and photos!


    I was upgrading an iPhone 4 on iOS 4 dot something or other to iOS 7.


    After the sofware update, the iPhone showed the Hello message and setup screens. So I did the following:


    1. Tapped next on Hello screen

    2. Selected Restore from iTunes Backup

    3. Connected the phone to iTunes on the laptop

    4. Selected the correct Backup and clicked Restore.

    5. Here the iPhone itself said something like Restoring (can't remember exactly, but after it finished the phone turned itself off and came back on again with a small progress bar showing.

    Then the progress bar went away and the phone appeared to be restored (showed app grid). On iTunes on the laptop the progress bar still showed the progress of 5 steps of syncing contacts, notes, music etc and finally photos.

    6. Once the syncing was complete the iPhone showed the Hello screen and Setup menus again.

    This was where the hair tearing out started... and I went into a loop of Restoring from iTunes backup, syncing and Hello and set up screens... same again...and again...

    When I clicked the top button on the phone to lock the screen I could see the photo that had previously been the wallpaper on the phone so I knew at least the photos and stuff were on there.


    What I did next to finish successful restore:

    1. Clicked next on Hello screen

    2. Chose Restore as new iPhone (or whatever the wording is for that option)

    3. The iPhone then brought me through the screens to set up an iCloud account and input my wifi and email settings etc.

    4. After these setup screens were done, the phone was fully restored with all contacts, messages, photos and apps etc.



    So I was stuck in a loop for ages thinking that it hadn't applied the backup, when it actually had, but it just needed me to set up iCloud etc to finish the restore on iOS 7.


    I hope this helps someone, even if it is too late for those on this thread.

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    Thank you thank you thank you! My husband and I were doing the same update and going around in the same circles for hours; so glad I found your post because I was losing my mind!

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    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! So appreciate you posting that. Sanity saver.

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    So glad to have found your post, dredmo!  Have spent HOURS going round in circles repeatedly 'restoring'!!!


    Following your advice, when I got to the point "Set up your Iphone" - instead of selecting 'Restore from ITunes Backup' (which I had done umpteen times previously) I selected 'Set up as new Iphone' and followed instructions from there.  Success at last!


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    Oh, Thank you!!!!!!  I was stuck in the dreaded loop you described over and over and over again.  You have saved my sanity and my weekend!

    Thank you a million times over!

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    didn't work with my iphone

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    I was also stuck in that dreaded loop, and this worked for me! My photos weren't there, but the apps and contacts were. (Luckily I had used EasyUS Mobisaver to retrieve my photos from itunes backup prior to restoring my phone). Thank you so much for posting!!!