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My iPod is set to manually manage files when attached to iTunes. I have a list of voice memos on my iPod I need to download into my iTunes library so I can use them in an iMovie.
I can't drag and drop through iTunes... I can't import.... how to I get the voice memos off my iPod?
I also tried opening the iPod like a harddrive from the desktop, but the voice memos files aren't visable to copy and paste...

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    If there is a Recordings folder on the iPod when you put it in disk mode, open that folder and drag the contents to your hard disk.

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    There is a recordings folder on the iPod when I view it as a harddrive... but there are no files in it!? I can only see the voice memos through iTunes --> iPod --> Voice memos.
    Any ideas on that?
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    Does this page contain anything useful?

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    The article makes perfect sense, but when I open the iPod icon on my desktop the Recordings folder is empty. The Recordings folder doesn't contain files so I can't copy and paste.
    The only place I can see and open the voice memos is through iTunes -> Janine's iPod -> voice memos. But from there I can't get them off the iPod onto my desktop or into iTunes Voice Memo folder.
    Why am I not seeing the files in the Recordings Folder from my desktop?
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    Use a tool such as this one to show hidden files on the disks connected your computer, locate the voice memos, and then drag them to your hard disk. When you've copied the voice memos, use it to make the hidden files hidden again.

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    I've never written in a script before... I found the Apple Script Editor, but I am not typing in the correct commands. How do I type in the script you gave me? I tried copying and pasting the whole things... Do I type in what is shown in BOLD or in blue with quotation marks?
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    Copy and paste this:

    tell application "Finder" to quit
    do shell script "/usr/bin/defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles 1"
    delay 2
    tell application "Finder" to run

    To turn it off, replace the 1 at the end with a 0 and press the run button again; the 0 is a numeral, not the letter o.