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I have just taken possession of my new iPhone 5S to replace my 4S, which I wish to give to my wife. However, I want her to be able to play my music and apps etc., so have left her with my Apple ID. This means that when it comes to using FaceTime and iMessage the 4S still thinks that I own it. Is it possible to set up my wife with her own Apple ID , principally for her using FaceTime and iMessage on the 4S. If so, can someone lead me through the process, so that I do not mess up my own ID setup?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    This link would help you to change Apple ID :



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    billbir wrote:


    ... have left her with my Apple ID. This means that when it comes to using FaceTime and iMessage the 4S still thinks that I own it....


    Have a look here... Here-

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    Thanks for the replies. I think that I have now resolved the issue, by signing out of my Apple ID in Message and Face Time and replacing it with an Apple ID, I have set up for my wife. That seems to have worked.

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    That should do it but you should change it for iCloud as well.

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    Hi Alfred,


    I did consider this, but one of the issues is that my wife and I need to be aware of each others Calendar events and we rarely have any that are specific to one of us. The big advantage is that both of us can enter an event and icloud will ensure that each of us have a definitive calendar. I know that you can maintain individual calendars distinguished by colour, but we found that a little confusing. We now just effectively have one calendar, which we can both access and update individually.It is possible that I have not thought this through properly, so I would be pleased to have your observations and particularly,the advantages of setting my wife up on iCloud.


    Another issue, that I have just thought of, relates to iTunes Match, which I subscribe to. If my wife changed her iCloud account would this mean that she would not sync with iTunes Match, which would not be advantageous.

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    Whether it's right for you is really dependent on your situation. You know what the features or iCloud are, so the question is really one of whether your wife needs to have those features for herself rather than shared with you.


    As to your other questions and comments...


    You can have separate iCloud accounts and still share calendars. One person can create and share the calendar granting editing rights. More information is available here and here.


    I'm not absolutely certain about iTunes Match. According to the FAQ, iTunes match is tied to the Apple ID used for the iTunes purchasing account and supports up to 10 devices. But it isn't absolutely clear to me by their description whether you must be signed into that Apple ID for iCloud, iTunes or both.


    This article talks about using different Apple IDs for different services.


    This one shows how to add an iOS device to iTunes Match. If I follow these instructions, it asks me to sign into the iTunes store, whcih makes me believe that is the primary identifier.


    In any case, you could always change it back if you wanted to.

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    Hi Alfred,


    Well you have certainly given me some food for thought. iTunes Match seems to be the key issue and I am still not sure having read the suggested links. My wife is happy at the moment, with the current set up. If she ceases to be happy, at least I now know, that there might be some options, open to me.