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So everything seemed to be fine until a couple weeks ago when my charger started to only work if part of the cord was bent a little, which I'm sure is just a problem with the wires in the cord, I just need to get a new charger. Well now today I was watching netflix when my computer suddenly shut off on me. I wasn't sure if it just shut off due to high cpu usage as I've only got 2 gb RAM and the silverlight player for netflix is a cpu hog (though it really thouldn't die because of that). I thought maybe the cord got out of place and I simply ran out of battery juice. So I tried to turn it back on, it did, chimed, waited a few seconds, then shut off. I let it charge to about 90% then turned it on. Now at this point my computer was slowly losing charge even though my charger was still charging it. I reset and then everything seemed fine until my first problem occurred again after about 1 and a half hours (still plugged in). I get the feeling I need to go get my battery replaced, but I havent seen anyone else with this problem. My computer charges, works for a bit, then shuts off even though it said it's fully charged, trying to turn it back on and it has no charge. My macbook pro is a mid 2009 13" and the battery is supposed to be "normal" upto 1000 charge cycles and mine has only gone through about 230. I have had this computer for awhile, but I just feel this is ridiculous. If anyone has feedback, go ahead. My computer is a Macbook Pro 2gb RAM, running on 10.6.8

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    Your Mac is 4+/- years old. It doesn't matter how many battery charge cycles it has the battery will only last so long whether it is use a lot or very little. All batteries have a shelf life and once that shelf life is reached the battery will fail to hold a sufficient charge to properly power the system. Yours need to be replaced.

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    Perform a SMC reset:




    If there is no improvement open System Profiler and post this from your MBP:  (Make certain that the charger is connected to your MBP.)


    Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 7.19.46 PM.png



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    I have already done an SMC reset, there seems to be no change. here is the information you requested, thanks:


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    If you followed my instructions and had the charger connected then the MBP is not recognizing it.


    The battery is fullly drained and not being charged.  The best option is a visit to the Apple store genius bar and have the technicians determine the status of the battery and the charging circuit.