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I have just upgraded from Aperture 2 to Aperture 3.


I didn't import my aperture 2 library and just created a new library.


I am now just wanting to import a few albums from my aperture library. Can I just import the albums I want or do I need to import the whole library??



OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Make a backup copy of your Aperture 2 library, if you do not have one. Then open the Aperture 2 library in Aperture 3.5 by double clicking it and holding down the ⌘⌥ keys at the same time. Let Aperture repair the database before upgrading it to Aperture 3 format.

    After that you can use Aperture 3 to export a partial library by selecting the projects you want to export and using "File > Export > Project as library". Then import the partial library into your new Aperture library:

    • Double-click the new library to switch to it.
    • Use  "File > Import > Library"  to import the small library with your selection of projects.