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About one month ago I bought a new iMac 27" to replace an aging Mac Pro. I had to move my pictures to an external Seagate 3TB. I knew that I would have to relocate files but this hasn't been a problem. A few days ago, however, I upgraded to Aperture 3.5 and some erratic behavior began. Firstly, it seemed as though Aperture was asking me to relocate files that I had already relocated. My workflow is to create a folder for each year and then a new project for each month.  I thought that I had relocated files for all of 2013 but noticed that some files had the red badge. When I performed the relocate function again things would appear alright but if I clicked on an image I would get a black frame with "Unsupported image format".  This happened with some, not all the images.


I then went to my original files (on the Seagate) thinking that perhaps the file was deleted and Aperture was reading some artifact. The files are still there but when I try to view them in Preview or Quick Look I get the message, "You do not have permission to opern the document _____"  And it asks me to check with the computer administrator.  That's me. I am the only one to use the computer.


This does not happen with every picture. I cannot see any pattern to which pictures act in this way.  My Sharing & Permissions for the Seagate are okay.


I have run all the options for rebuilding and repairing the Aperture library. And, BTW, the operating system is 10.9 (need to update my product information).


All help appreciated. Thanks.



iMac (27-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    I have resolved the problem.  It was rooted in the permissions arrangement. Transferring data from the old Mac Pro to the new iMac created another user and my photo files were erratically authorized in terms of which users had read or read/write access. I tackled some pictures individually but that didn't seem to completely resolve the issue. Then I noticed an option in the Sharing and Permissions section of the Info window. It appears when you click on the Gear icon that is next to the add or delete buttons.  I clicked on my main identity, changed to read/write and then clicked on the Gear Icon which gave me the option to "Apply to enclosed items".  That switched all the items so that both identities now have read/write access.


    Hope this helps others who may encounter similar problems.