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Hi, I am hoping someone can answer this rather simple application question.


I just started working in a Mac based office- it's great!  However, having concerns with how to link my boss's iCal work calendar and mine without sharing all our other calendar information...

Given: My boss has an iCal and has numerous calendars- one of which is specific to work.  I have iCal on my phone with numerous calendars all of mostly personal use- one that has been deemed a "work" calendar.  We both have iCloud accounts.  There is also server available if we need to link via that.


Concern 1: When I try to set up my work calendar on my Mac desktop in the office, it pulls ALL my calendars- how do I just select one to appear and be shared on this computer?


Concern 2:  I am hesitant to try sharing my calendar with him as I obviously do not want all my personal iCal info to be on his computer either. 


Concern 3:  Once "privacy settings" would be established, can we make it sync with such preferences on our iPhones?


It seems like a very straightforward question, but I haven't had any luck finding a solution.


Someone please help!  Having to continuously personally check the calendars of the office is getting annoying!


Thank you!

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    Hi IttBitt82,


    Welcome to the Support Communities!


    The articles below will show you how to create shared calendars using your iCloud accounts:


    iCloud: Share a calendar with others



    You can share a calendar both publicly and privately with other people. Sharing gives you flexibility in managing calendars. For example, you could create a calendar for your child’s sports team and share it privately with just the coaches so they can edit it. You could also share it publicly with all the parents so they can view (but not change) it whenever they want.


    iCloud: Calendar sharing overview


    • A public calendar can’t be edited by anyone but the calendar owner (the creator).
    • Private calendars can be shared with other iCloud users.Participants can view the calendar using iCloud Calendar, Calendar (or iCal with OS X v10.7.5) on a Mac, Microsoft Outlook on a Windows computer, or the Calendar app on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.As the owner (creator) of a shared calendar, you assign edit privileges to the invitees to control who can modify the calendar. There are two types of access privileges that can be assigned:
      • View Only access:Participants with View Only access can:
      • View the calendar and change their view (from day to week, for example), without affecting the view of other participants
      • Change their own calendar preferences
      • View & Edit access: Participants with View & Edit access privileges can do everything listed above, plus:
        • Create and delete calendar events
        • Change details (for example, the name, date, and time) for calendar events
        • Track the responses of guests invited to a calendar event


    No participant, regardless of the access privileges assigned, can invite new people to a shared calendar.

    Note:   If multiple participants try to edit a shared calendar at the same time, the changes that are saved first are kept and reflected in the calendar. The person whose changes arenʼt saved sees a message that his or her changes werenʼt saved.


    If you disable your iCloud account, any shared calendars you created become unavailable; all participants automatically receive an email notifying them that the calendar is no longer shared.



    I hope this information helps ....

    Have a great day!


    - Judy

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    Thank you, Judy.


    I'm wondering if you can help me a little further...


    I am having difficulty getting all the devices to sync events correctly and in a timely fashion.

    My apologies in advance, this is going to read like a 3rd grade extra credit math riddle.


    I have an iPhone and Mac at work with iCal.  My boss has a Samsung Note and a Mac with iCal. 

         My iPhone has iCloud calendar "ON".

         My work calendar is set to share with my boss via his mac.com email and he has a calendar shared with me via my gmail.com email. 

         I set his iCal to sync with his Samsung by setting up his gmail account as a CalDAV, which is supposed to be a two-way sync according to all the forum help articles I've read.


    So here's what is happening:

         My iPhone shows the events he makes on his work computer and phone, but not the events I make on my work computer to my iCal.

         When I check my iCloud calendar online I see that the events I make via my iPhone post and most of the events that my boss creates post... but not the ones I make on my Mac's iCal.  I say most of my boss's post because they are very slow- there's a signifcant lag time.

         My work computer shows most of my boss's events both from his computer and his Samsung phone, but not all of them (maybe there is a significant lag time again I'm not sure but I would think 6-12hrs should be plenty of time for it to get to me) and none of the ones I make from my iPhone.

         His computer doesn't show my events that I've created via my computer.


    Could you please offer some suggestions because now it seems it's become a huge mess with 4 different calendars going and some events syncing and others not.



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    Hi IttBitt82,


    Thank you for using the Apple Support Community. Due to the nature of your issue or question you may find more information by using another one of Apple's support resources - https://getsupport.apple.com/GetproductgroupList.action


    I think it would be helpful for you to have one of our technical advisors review your unique scenario and try to determine what is happening between your various devices and accounts.


    - Judy