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Hi everyone,


I just uploaded my library from my iPhone 5, but iPhoto didn't detected videos from my phone.


- I connect my iphone

- iPhone open and see my photos and videos

- I click to import all

- When it's done, I just cannot find my videos in the new event, only photos.


Weird because it worked before. I know sometimes we just see the thumbails of the video and we have to click on it to play but that's not this, I just cannot see where the videos is. I have a recent Macbook Pro 10.9, Mavericks and iPhoto 11'.


Thanks in advance for your help guys!

iPhoto '11, iOS 7.0.1
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    Create a smart album with the following criteria:

    Filename    contains    .m



    This will group all of your movie/video files together, .mov, .m4v, and mp4.  Then check to see if the lates videos are included.  If the are Command (right) - click on one of the videos and select Show Event from the contextual menu.




    The the videos are not in the library launch Image Capture (located in the Applications folder) and use it to manually upload the videos to a folder on the Desktop.  From there import them into iPhoto.



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    Yes I found my videos!!! Wow thank you so much Old Toad!!