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My charger broke the other day and my phone died, so I went to walmart and bought a new charger. When I got home, I went to my phone and pressed the home button and thought "oh it might just be completely dead" (back when I had an ipod 2, this happened) so I decided to plug it in and I fell asleep. the next morning, it was the same as it was last night; a black screen. I tried holding down the home button and the lock button to try to turn it on but nothing happened. I also tried plugging it in to itunes but itunes wont recognize it. how can I turn it back on? is there any way I can without going to an apple store or my phone store (sprint)?


Other info: ive only had the phone for 3 weeks and this is the only bad thing thats happened to the phone. It has never done this before.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3
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    I'm not an apple expert or anything, but after hearing this from a coworker (and doing a quick google search) many of the generic chargers do not work in the 5s (especially after the most recent update.) I'm thinking this may be the problem in your case...the charger is not working so the phone just needs a good charge from either an apple certified charger or a generic that will actually work with the phone. I've read some people are able to pull the cable out, turn it around and then plug it back in facing the opposite direction to get it to work. Many have reported, however, that even when this remedies the cable issue, its still won't charge the phone while it is completely dead (which is likely the case since it won't power on at all.) So if you haven't fixed your problem by now, go buy a new charger and see what happens. You might be able to go into and apple store and borrow a charger there for a few minutes to see if this actually IS the problem. That way you don't waste your money before buying.