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i know there are a lot of posts about this but i've not seen anything to help me.  i have a mid 2010 macbook pro with maverick installed and completely updated.  i'm want to try bootcamp to install windows for my database class that is using microsoft office and access (i'm getting the software for free from school and it is not the mac friendly versions).  i can use virtual box but i really want to try boot camp just because i've not used it before.


i open up boot camp and follow the prompts of downloading windows support from apple and install windows 7 to my 32gb flash drive (which is fat formated).  the message i get when doing anything is that this software is not on the support software server.


i have downloaded the bootcamp 5.0 support software directly from apple's website and it is unzipped on my flash drive.  i also already have windows 8 iso ( i also have windows 7 if i can't do 8).  even though i already have the support and os iso on my flash drive bootcamp still wants to down load them.  can i bypass this step and move on?  do i need to have a partition on my hard drive already made. 


basically i need some to see what else i need to do to prepare my system and/or steps i have missed to install windows 8.  thanks for any assistance you can give me.

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