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Hi there! I've made video projects using my Sony HDR-CX110, iMovie, and idvd. I know it's not going to look professional, but the quality i get once the project is on DVD is far from the original quality. Is there something I can do to improve the quality? Keep it simple, but if you could give me some advice that would be great!


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    What Mac do you have, with what versions of OS X and iDVD?


    But to get you started:


    A good guide to iDVD 7 can be found here:




    Apple's tutorial on iDVD 07/08 is here:




    Previewing before burning:




    Making a Magic DVD etc:



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    Thanks for the help!

    I have a Macbook 10.8.4 and iDVD 7.1.2

    I've used iDVD before and have a good idea on how to run it...I'm just wondering if there's any way to give my DVD better quality. Is there any way to compress it without degrading the quality and it still being able to fit on a DVD?

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    iDVD compresses to the standard DVD format of mpeg2, so the quality is largely dependent on the source material.


    But using the most appropriate encoding setting helps:


    iDVD encoding settings:




    Short version:


    Best Performance is for videos of up to 60 minutes


    Best Quality is for videos of up to 120 minutes


    Professional Quality is also for up to 120 minutes but even higher quality (and takes much longer)


    That was for single-layer DVDs. Double these numbers for dual-layer DVDs.


    Professional Quality: The Professional Quality option uses advanced two-pass technology to encode your video (The first pass determines which parts of the movie can be given greater compresson without quality loss and which parts can’t.  The second pass then encodes those different parts accordingly) , resulting in the best quality of video possible on your burned DVD. You can select this option regardless of your project’s duration (up to 2 hours of video for a single-layer disc and 4 hours for a double-layer disc). Because Professional Quality encoding is time-consuming (requiring about twice as much time to encode a project as the High Quality option, for example) choose it only if you are not concerned about the time taken.


    In both cases the maximum length includes titles, transitions and effects etc. Allow about 15 minutes for these.


    You can use the amount of video in your project as a rough determination of which method to choose. If your project has an hour or less of video (for a single-layer disc), choose Best Performance. If it has between 1 and 2 hours of video (for a single-layer disc), choose High Quality. If you want the best possible encoding quality for projects that are up to 2 hours (for a single-layer disc), choose Professional Quality. This option takes about twice as long as the High Quality option, so select it only if time is not an issue for you.

    Use the Capacity meter in the Project Info window (choose Project > Project Info) to determine how many minutes of video your project contains.

    NOTE: With the Best Performance setting, you can turn background encoding off by choosing Advanced > “Encode in Background.” The checkmark is removed to show it’s no longer selected. Turning off background encoding can help performance if your system seems sluggish.


    And whilst checking these settings in iDVD Preferences, make sure that the settings for NTSC/PAL and DV/DV Widescreen are also what you want.



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    Thanks for the useful information!