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No matter what charger I use, to include the USB from my MBP, my iPad (1st Gen) will NOT charge.  Most of the time telling me the accessory (the original charger) is not compatible for charging.  When the warning is ignored, the ipad will charge at a trickle, usally taking two full days to reach 100%. 


I have tried the 10W charger, 12W charger, and the USB ports from my MBP and my wifes Air.  All to no avail. 


I read about a bug with the brightness, and toggled that.  I wiped out the iPad (several times) thinking starting fresh would remedy.  Again, to no avail.  I even when as far as jailbreaking the dang thing, thinking that would help somehow.  NO. AVAIL. 


I know the first gen iPad is not supported anymore, but my kids absolutly love the thing, not to mention it is a handy remote that is always in the house for the Apple TVs. 


I am at a loss, at wits end, and desperate to find a fix.  Any help?

iPad, Mac OS X (10.7)