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i lost my phone

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.3
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    My condolences.  Did you have the Find My iPhone service turned on?  (Not the app, but the service, Settings>icloud).  If not, then I recommend you contact your carrier and report it stolen.  They should be able to block any further use of the phone.  You could contact the police and your insurance if you have some.


    If you activated the Find My iPhone service (in Settings>icloud), and if the device's batteries still have a charge, the device is not turned off and has not been reset and is connected to the net, then you can try to track it.  Using a computer's browser, log into icloud.com and look at the Find My iPhone page.  Or - on a device, invoke the Find My iPhone app (get it for free at the itunes app store) and log into the icloud account.  Note:  The Find My iPhone **app** does not turn on the service, you can only do that through Settings>icloud.


    If the device is listed as "offline", then one of the requirements listed above is not met (like being connected to wifi, or if the device was stolen and the thief reset it).


    Look over this link...



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    Thank you but can you help me do it, I can give you the info

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    You should never just had over your info to strangers on the internet, (no offence to pvonk!). That is just asking for trouble.

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    I've also lost my phone in the house. Tried ringingi it several times. On silent but heard it vibrate once. Any way to track it using my iPad ?

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    Try reading pvonk's post.