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Has anyone else discovered a problem with the new iPad Air and networks?  My issue is if I happen to be connected to a network and I get out of range of that network and I want to join another network that I have joined many times before (ex. my sprint hotspot), the IPAD seems to connect to it, but never gets an IP address.  Almost 100% of the time, if I need to switch wi-fi networks, I have to reset network settings.  Of course, then I lose all networks and VPN settings.  I have tried all of the easy stuff, turning off wi-fi, turning it in, forgetting networks, etc.  this issue happens whenever I have to switch.  I could be out using my hotspot, get home and turn off the hotspot to pick up my home network and I will have to reset.  I could go from home with my ipad in my bag where it was working fine, get to a restaurant and have to reset to use wi-fi.


Is it just me?  Any tips?  I have about ten more days and if this isn't resolved, I will have to take it back as I use it for work.  I have even tried adding a static IP for the networks I know and that doesn't even work.


Thank you.

Ipad Air, iOS 7.0.3, 32Gb wi-fi only
Solved by OrangeMarlin on Nov 4, 2013 9:28 PM Solved

Well, the iPad Air has only been out a few days, but I haven't seen anything massive yet. When there's a problem, you'll see threads here with 100 or 200 comments.


You really need to take it back to a Genius. They'll either say, "oh you forgot to set this"; or they won't say a single thing, and exchange your iPad.


Get a new one. Make sure it works in the store first.

Reply by OrangeMarlin on Nov 4, 2013 9:12 PM Helpful

It's brand new. Take it back to Apple to get it replaced if necessary. It's too new to have these kind of issues, and you don't know if it will continue for a long itme.

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