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Has anyone else discovered a problem with the new iPad Air and networks?  My issue is if I happen to be connected to a network and I get out of range of that network and I want to join another network that I have joined many times before (ex. my sprint hotspot), the IPAD seems to connect to it, but never gets an IP address.  Almost 100% of the time, if I need to switch wi-fi networks, I have to reset network settings.  Of course, then I lose all networks and VPN settings.  I have tried all of the easy stuff, turning off wi-fi, turning it in, forgetting networks, etc.  this issue happens whenever I have to switch.  I could be out using my hotspot, get home and turn off the hotspot to pick up my home network and I will have to reset.  I could go from home with my ipad in my bag where it was working fine, get to a restaurant and have to reset to use wi-fi.


Is it just me?  Any tips?  I have about ten more days and if this isn't resolved, I will have to take it back as I use it for work.  I have even tried adding a static IP for the networks I know and that doesn't even work.


Thank you.

Ipad Air, iOS 7.0.3, 32Gb wi-fi only