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unable to burn a dvd from iMovie, under share there is no iDVD ?

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    You can still burn a DVD though.


    In iMovie 10 go to File>Share>File, choose the size (probably should choose either SD or Large) then click Next, give it a name, then click Save (remember where you saved it to).


    Wait until the Activity Indicator shows that the sharing process is complete.


    Go to iDVD. Go to File>Import>Video and select the file you created earlier. It will bring the video into your iDVD project. Prepare your DVD project and when you're ready, click the "Burn" button.


    iDVD is no longer officially supported by Apple, but that doesn't mean you can't still use it. It's still a great option...possibly the best...for burning video DVDs on a Mac.

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    I have iMovie 10, there is no >Share under File ?  I also have a Mac with iMovie 09 and it also does not have >Share under File but does have iDVD under the Share tab.  Problem is my new camera is not compatible with my 09 Mac but is with the newer Mac ?  this is crazy  thanks

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    That's weird that there is no File>Share option.


    What happens when you click the "Share" button (to the right of the "Import" and "Create" buttons along the top of the main interface? You should see a number of sharing options like Vimeo, iTunes, etc., The last of those should be File. If you click that, it should take you to the same place as going to the File menu and choosing Share>File.

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    across the top is Text- Share -Window, (no Import or Create) under Share comes Media Browser, iTunes, YouTube Facebook, Vimeo, CNN iReport, Export Movie, Export using QuickTime, Export Final Cut XML, Remove from.  No File ?

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    If you have Media Browser you are in iMovie 9. iMovie 10 does not have a Media Browser.


    In iMovie 9, go to the Share menu and choose iDVD.


    Do you have iDVD installed on your computer?