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My Itunes Library has been with my samily Apple ID for years.  Have match and home sharing that allowes me to sync with my Ipad and Itouch.  My 12yo had created her own Apple ID and bougth some music with this ID and then I realized because she didn't have the family Apple ID on her Itouch - she was missing all her music she really wanted.  I tried putting it in but was told I couldn't change the ID for 90 days.  So I did a complete wipe of her Itouch allt he way - thinking that would erase everyting but when I went to put in the family Apple ID for homeshareing it said I had to wait another 89 days before I could associate her Itouch to the family ID.  HELP?  There has to e a way around this OR is there a way she keeps her own ID but I can all her access to all our family music we have bought over teh last 5 years.


Someone plesase give me the steps to solve this.  Thanks much!



iPod touch, iOS 4.3.3