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I have a presentation with a few embeded videos.  No matter what I do, they videos will not play when exporting the presentation to Quicktime.  The same presentation in Keynote '09, export to Quicktime works without issue.  Has anyone had similar issues?

Keynote 6.0, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    I do have the same situation my keynote presentations once I have upgraded to Mavericks and Keynote 6.0 the embedded videos don´t work......

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    A little more info from working with the iWork support team:


    I don't think it's an issue with the video but with slide duration/progression.  ALL slides in the presentation are resetting to the export settings which are only supposed to affect click events.  For example, the default is 5 seconds and my video slide displays for 5 seconds before progressing to the next slide.    I can set the defualt to 14 seconds, the duration of my video, but then ALL slide transitions are 14 seconds even though they all have set transition durations.

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    I don't think so, when opening the presentation it asks to convert videos.....and it fails, the video it shows as a black window.....Also I control my presentation time by clicking....

    If I use the previous keynote it works fine....

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    I'm in the same situation as you, OL. Upgraded to Mavericks and Keynote 6.0, now the embedded videos don´t work — the black window message "unable to optimize" comes up when inserting a Keynote in an IBooks Author file. I tried a version made with Keynote '09, now that doesn't work unless I delete the video. If you or anyone find a solution, please post.

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    If your videos are in .MPG form: Delete the videos from Keynote; open the videos in QuickTime; save the videos to iTunes, which puts them in .m4v form; re-insert the videos in Keynote

    This enables the videos to play correctly, at least. For some reason, attributes applied to the video such as line frame and drop shadow do not come through. Perhaps a minor bug that Apple has to correct?

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    I am not sure about the video format...where can I see it, I just can open it with quicktime 7 (pro),.....but I cannot save it to itunes...how i do that.....

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    If you can find the file, it should have Movie.MPG or such as the name.

    If the extension is not given, click once on the file and go to Edit, Get Info, and that should give you the name and extension. The extension tells you what type of file it is. You need a format supported by  QuickTime (see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3775?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US).


    If you open the movie with QuickTime (at least on QuickTimePlayer 10.3), go to File, Export, and one of the options is to export to iTunes. Or, you can export it as iPad/iPhone/iPod files, which I believe will also work. Both will provide an .m4v file that QuickTimc can use.

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    Good work !,


    I had to remove the movie file from the keynote document openning the keynote "folder", my file was already a .movie dct so It was already a quicktime dct, but I exported again in the same format and then ....bang ! it did work with quicktime player 10.3 ....I enbeded in the keynote and now runs smoothly.......


    Great work ! Thank you !

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    This does, in fact, appear to be the issue.   The export defaults dont' allow for video playback.


    The other issue with video playback is that once embedded it defaults to "start movie".  That's a mistake.  You want it set to "none" as it still plays the embedded file.  That will allow it to play through without issue (unless exporting).


    The exporting functionality needs to be changed.  iWork Team?

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    I don´t know exactlly about that.... just the export defult.....but you solved my problem for now....

    Otherwise the keynote 6.0 looks and works fine , for now.......

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    Here's what I found ... I had to install Quicktime 7 and use iwork 09' (using them in mavericks) ... Using those two and opening projects in those two, works the way it should be.


    There's an issue with the NEW Quicktime ... Even if you open and older .mov, it still won't let you control your keynote prsentation.


    If you want to control your keynote presentation ( like the way it was), then search Quicktime 7 and use iwork 09'.


    Here's what I don't understand ... Being able to convert any keynote presentation to a .mov is a major deal for videos. When they release the new stuff, doesn't anybody actually look at it first? ... Ya' know, to see if it actually works before releasing it? I get that a few things can slip by, but c'mon, major funtions ???


    ALSO ........ When exporting the new keynote ( version 6). You can't export to a .mov ... It says quicktime, but it saves to a mv4.


    I can see adding value, but stop taking away value !!!!!!!!!

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    I have used Keynotes 09 to run presentations on my ipad mini on a loop and they ran happily all day. Since the upgrade to version 6  it does a random number of loops then returns to the home screen. I have tried using quicktime and inserting into a slide but the timings are all over the place, I have exported to Itunes as suggested by bookpubman and it seems to work but again the timings are not quite right. This is quite a lengthy process for what shouls be a simple fix. I have always considered Keynotes to be far superior to Powerpoint as it was so easy to use. Apple make some strange decissions when they upgrade as they did with dropping IDVD again a great program and so easy to use I know from my customer needs that they still like DVD's. Come on Apple listen to your users don't ruin a great user experience.

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    In Keynote 6 I was having problems bringing in mp4 video... everytime I did it played ok in the preview but as soon as I went to Play Presentation it would not play the mp4 video...  here is what we found to cure this... in Slide Transitions turn it OFF Automatically and turn it ON to Click... then mp4 plays fine...