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I tried to upload my first iBook and made a couple of mistakes. One was that the name of my book file was assigned to my Vendor ID. I have now corrected the mistakes, but when I try to deliver my book I get the error message that my book is already associated with the first (bad) file. It seems that there is a clash because each of my files has the same ISBN.  I know that you can't have two files with the same ISBN, but I need to overwrite the first file with the second.

Can anyone suggest a fix? thanks

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    The "bad" file was issued a Ticket to notify  corrections needed. IF you corrected the errors, you need to re-deliver your book using the  same iTunes Producer vendor ID.  Dont  use Publish in iBA, open the original ITMSP and re-deliver.


    IF you  started a second Publish with a different vendor ID it seems that the ISBN is your  "association" problem.

    Are you aware that Apple dropped the ISBN requirement  for iBooks Author produced eBooks some time ago.

    If you are distributing the same book away from Apple, then you obviously need to comply with whatever rules apply


    Delete/Overwrite:  In reality,  what you submit to the review team cannot be deleted and as far as I know the ticket is not cancelled unless your correct the errors and re-submit.

    A book once accepted into the store, can never be deleted as such, but you can  remove it from the store using your iTunes Connect account, select the book, and  remove ALL  selling rights  worldwide.


    After that  if you produce an identical book and start a new delivery with a new vendor ID, it is OK  BUT although you can  hide the  first book from sales... the ISBN number is locked into that  book.