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Is there a way of submitting an iBook to the iBookStore but making it only available to users on ios7 devices? (or ios7 and Mavericks, but not ios6)?


The reason for this being that parts of my iBook do not work in ios6.

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    If it does not meet Apples iBook Store requirements, it  will not be accepted.


    Is there a specific technical reason iOS6 content cannot be updated to be OS 7 compatable?

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    There is -  videos embedded withing widgets do not work in larger ios6 ibooks.


    Is there any way to flag books as ios7 only - I believe you can do this with apps on the appstore.

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    With regard the video's.....  iOS6 has been superceded and  in due course, iOS8 will arrive. App makers routinely  upgrade their apps to  meet whatever the current OS is in order to present an up todate app.


    When you or everybody else submit a book to the iBoost store.. the review team will check it meets current store requirements - if it does not - it will get a Ticket and is not accepted until corrections are made and re-delivered.


    You have  a number of options... deliver the  book in its current state and wait an outcome from the review team.


    You should consider that iOS6 will be updated on  the majority of devices.. so you are  limiting the attraction of your book to a dwindling audience over subsequent OS upgrades... and rebuild.


    It seems wiser to update the videos to what you can achieve and accept that Apple are always moving forward and by phasing out older options, they maintain quality control of products submitted to their outlets.